• Replacing Trump with a liberal would be a huge benefit for the entire world not to mention the people of the US. Conservatives elected this doofus without any idea of what he was going to do and apparently assumed there was a plan behind MAGA which has proven to be absolutely naive and idiotic.
    • Willy D Billiams
      Without any plan what he was going to do?!?!?! That couldnt be more incorrect. He had one of the most specific plans a president has ever campaigned on: 1) lower taxes, 2) get rid of Obamacare, 3) enforce the border, 4) renegotiate trade, 5) appoint conservative judges. That is why people voted for him. #1 is done. #2 is progress as the individual mandate has been removing, effectively gutting Obamacare, #3 is in progress, #4 in progress, #5 has already happened and will continue. Sorry buddy, youre way off the mark.
    • OC Joe
      Promises do not make a plan but if you are happy with Trump and his lies, threats, and alienating virtually all of America's allies then you got what you wanted.
    • ReiSan
      OC Joes watches CNN fake news I observe.
    • Sandra Ursula
      Replacing Trump with a liberal would ruin the USA. I'm far from being na?ve and idiotic. OC Joe is happy with liberal fake news media's lies. What allies are alienated? May, Merkle, Trudeau, etc. are destroying their nations, so if they like you, it's terrible.
  • Isn't that YOUR specialty? ;-) We have a few conservatives here. Most, I think fear the wrath and name calling of the liberals. They (and government SERVANTS) seem to have lost the concept that we the people are the government and government funds come from the paychecks of taxpayers. And that this government is in debt and can't afford to fund the rest of the world that don't pay US taxes. I'm neither liberal nor conservative.
    • Willy D Billiams
      Well, I do what I can, but I am outnumbered there and would like some backup :)
    • Subject 89P13
      Have you seen me show wrath and have I name called, Linda?
    • Linda Joy
      Well, actually you DID just call me Linda. ;-) No sir! Not that I can recall. And thank you! I've been called some awful names by liberals, but I'm thankful not ALL liberals are so rude! And in all fairness I've seen this from both sides.
  • More than half the country does after hearing Maxine Waters rant about confronting those who support the USA.
  • Nobody who has good sense! 8 years under Ovomit was too much!
  • ive never heard of hinn
  • There is nothing wrong with his stance. Just the words he's using to express it. What are you? A commie?

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