• None of them could effectively defend the US or project power without the others. I'd think the Army has the widest variety of capabilities, though.
  • I agree that they couldn't be effective defenders alone, however, the Navy easily has the widest variety of capabilities. They have the capability to fight on every front. No other service has this.
  • i would say the marines
  • Marines I would say.They set the tone of war by their courageous acts!
  • It would depend if one believes that any sort of military is useful at all.One can still be patriotic and dislike war and the ones that are forced to fight.
  • The easy answer for me would be to say the Marine Corps (my current employer :o)) but the real answer is that it depends on the situation. The Air Force as a strategic lift capability that noone can touch. The amount of materials and people it can move is staggering. The Navy can project an American Presence off any shore for an indefinite amount of time. There have been many a foe that's been on the receiving end of a 16inch battle ship barrage or a wave of cruise missles who have been all but pounded into submission. The Army can hold onto a theater battle space and I would say that only a couple of nations would give them a run for their money. The Marines? The mere mention the President is considering sending in the Marines has brought the most beligerint individuals to the negotiating table. The Marines simply get the job done.
  • U.S. Marines! oohrah!
  • navy comes to mind for me first but our air force is probably the most dominant of our forces
  • Archers,Infantry,Heavy Calvary,Trebuche's They work in succession, so their only as strong as their weakest link. You don't send a pawn to do a bishops job.
  • Is it cheating to say the executive branch because they make the decisions and call the shots? Probably not the right answer anyway. Decisions are useless without the enlisted to carry them out.

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