• There isn't one. My father is (and was) a child molestor and a wife beater.
  • Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and Love. I got a lot of his PMA... I know this because when I DO get depressed about something, I know it will not last more than a day or so; AND, when I lost my first girlfriend to another, instead of going completely off the deep end, while I felt I was having a breakdown, I wrote songs, poems, stories, letters, etc., did NOT drink, did NOT do any drugs, and had to tell the crisis center (whom I called quite often for a while) that I was NOT suicidal (nor did I do drugs/alcohol), but just needed someone to talk to, since many of my friends had left me; AND, I usually have a more "can do" attitude about a number of things than most of the people I know. And, I got a lot of his love... Strange, because as I was growing up, it seemed he was always at work (owned his own stores) and we seldom did anything together, but when my mom suffered a "mini-stroke", I REALLY saw it in him. (Wondered where it had come from! ;-) ) He takes care of her as much as he can (he has his own health problems), and keeps HER going as MUCH as he can. AND, he always gave a lot of renters (he'd bought a lot of houses and fixed them into apartments through the years, as a hedge against his retirement - Didn't work out too well for him, because when he retired, the housing market was slipping BADLY) second and third chances, and many of them jobs, helping maintain the apartments, haul trash, etc., when they had money problems, keeping many employed for quite a while each while they looked for other work. And he STILL has all that love and PMA at 74! Hope I do too! ;-)
  • The hardest working SOB I will ever know.
  • Seldom moody. Not a big drinker.
  • Hard work,and honesty.
  • Hard working [but for his own selfish desires]. Thats about it.
  • He goes to work everyday.
  • Absolute devotion to his family
  • He fought for his country-Marine Corp.

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