• success is winning and failure is losing
    • Abha
      Successful people always say success only comes after a thousand failures.
  • Matthew 21:31-33 describes Jesus separating people one from another, as a shepherd separates the goats from the sheep. That parable represents a separation of those who are meek (sheep) from those who are wicked (goats), the goats will be lead to destruction, whereas the sheep will gain everlasting life. (Mat 25:46) Based on this scriptural account, success is attaining God’s approval, so as to be considered one of his faithful, sheep-like worshippers.
    • Abha
      So, how can i attain god ?
    • LizzyP
      Sorry, the rest of my comment was cut off.
  • Success is to prosper in life. Failure is to fall short of your goals.
  • IMO Success is living a happy life. Failure is being miserable.

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