• If you're literally looking for a TRANSLATOR, the rest of this answer will be somewhat unhelpful. I beg forgiveness. A long time ago I found this bit of freeware and downloaded it to my computer. I have NEVER regretted that. It's the most helpful bit of software I have in regards to my study of Japanese. It's actually a word processor- you type in romaji and what you get is hiragana or katakana (capslock). You can highlight words and get the kanji for them. You can look up kanji different ways, you can look up English words for their translations- it's pretty awesome. I'm sure there's more I'm leaving out. ^_^ You do need a basic grounding in Japanese for this to be helpful, though, because it ignores conjugations- it'll translate "yobu" but not "yobimasu" or "yonde". Below is the link to find both the download link and information about the program- it's called JWPce. Hope this was useful!

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