• I'd like to thank all of them. I am so happy Trump is going to do something to improve their medical care and other benefits. They deserve it.
  • i dont really know any veterans right now
    • Linda Joy
      I'm one. So is Ice man, Hardcore Conservative, Anoname and a few others on here.
  • Too late, my father is dead for many years now. He was from the 101 st Airborne and jumped into Normandy during WW2. He was injured by shrapnal in the groin area and therefore I almost wasn't created.
    • Linda Joy
      We're glad you're here! And I thank your father! It's never too late to thank them. And I think one of the best ways we can thank them is to maintain our freedoms.
  • Father- paratrooper, stepfather WWII, his brother Harlan who died in the same war, Lee Bain aka ND Wind pilot, NASA Steven Berry Vietnam, my mother who made ordnance for the Vietnam war though she never actually served in the military her best friend was blown to pieces in an accident. Michael from Detroit and TP McManus, Marines. My nephews David Gardner died piloting a Blackhawk in Texas and Richard Bundy Army. My niece Pacria, my cousin David Hartley Marine, lost his leg. My exes, Navy. All my brothers and sisters I trained with in boot camp K095! Served with on the USS SIMON LAKE, in Kings Bay GA. Trained with in Millington TN and served with at NAS Brunswick, ME. Love you all! Thank you all!
  • Semper Fi

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