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  • That is bad. 1) She is cheating on you and wants you out or 2) She wants to end it with you.
  • I guess this is a very confusing situation . Nobody has been able to respond it but one person. Please help!
  • If she does not enjoy being with you then she was only doing it to get something for herself, perhaps marriage? Maybe that is all that made her interested in the first place.
  • Well, this is actually somewhat straightforward. There is an old line - "For men, it is not love until there is sex. For women, there is no sex until there is love." Typically - and these are generalizations - men view sex as a demonstration of their love, but women view sex as a consequence of love. Your gf appears to have concluded that you don't really love her because you are not willing to commit to marrying her - so no more sex. (To you, the fact that you were having sex was proof that you loved her.) She may indeed love you, by the way, and feels hurt that you will not propose. That just further complicates the picture. At any rate, this is actually not a hard call. If you don't want to marry her, either because you don't really love her or because you don't like the idea of commitment, then you certainly can expect no sex. That is her right. The worst thing you could do is marry her to get sex - that will 100% assured end in disaster. So you need to decide, do you love her enough to marry her - or at least live with her without sex. My gf and I decided that marriage was not for us. In a strange way we felt it cheapened our love - we have been together ten years (not counting dating before we moved in together) and have three children. However, most women - for entirely legit reasons - see marriage as commitment and as a proof of love in a way that they don't see sex as proof of love. So, do you want to make that commitment? If not, at least be honest with her and let her find someone who can make her happy in a way that you cannot. If yes, congratulations! P.S. It is not impossible, by the way, that she may say no more sex until the ring is on her finger and the "I do's" have been said. This may seem harsh to you - like she does not trust you. However, see it from her perspective. For the last 2 years you have had sex and avoided commitment. From her perspective it is entirely reasonable that you make a commitment to show that the sex meant something.

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