• I would feel only sorry. Apparently your friend has a serious problem and can't stop on his/her own..You should speak to your friend, tell them you know, and try to get them the help they so need. Before they cut something that won't stop bleeding. Help your friend, please.
  • You can't force him or her to stop and trying to force him or her to make a promise he or she can't keep and succeeding at it is really unfair to him or her. If you want to be there for him or her, talk to him or her. Don't make him or her make promises he or she can't keep. How would you feel if someone did that to you? Let's say someone told you "Promise me you're going to to quit Answerbag" and then you did promise because you didn't want to hurt his or her feelings... how would that make you feel? I know this guy who smokes and he tells this girl he quit for (it seems like) the very same reason this friend of yours doesn't seem to want you to know he or she is cutting. She thinks she is helping because she got him to promise her that he would quit, but she didn't help him at all. She didn't focus on the REASONS he is smoking. She focused on just the fact that he is smoking. That is why he doesn't want to tell her stuff. Now, if you are focusing only on the fact that your friend is cutting, and not his or her reasons for it, then you are making a mistake.
  • I promised my friend that I’d stop taking drugs, when he found out that I hadn't he was heart broken, but the worst thing for him wasn't that I broke my promise, he figured I would do when we made it, but it was that I’d lied to him about it, and it wasn't me who told him the troth, then he said he wasn't only angry, but disappointed, then I stopped taking the illegal drugs an stayed simply on the narcotics. He found it hard to trust me after that... be he got over it, in time... if a friendship is made to be then it can work through anything. Any help?
  • i would feel sad for my friend. I dont think that if I asked someone to stop something like that that my LOVE would cure them....that's silly It's like asking an anorexic to eat because they are my friend or a drug addict to quit because it means a lot to me....friendship doesn't cure an addiction
  • I would be a lot more concerned about their state and why they cut themselves to begin with rather then they had broken the promise, which I would never make one vow anyway.
  • I feel sad and hopeless because I don't know what to do to help them! :(
  • I'd be more concerned with getting them the help they need.
  • It doesn't work like that.

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