• They did in my car. I had a 96 Thunder bird with the V8 and it was tricked out...if I just used the high grade gas it would still knock and run ruff. The additives work better on older cars than they do the new ones though.
  • depends on how you mean that...i add sugar to some peoples fuel...and it definitely works the way i want it to
  • Performance additives probably don't make a lot of difference. Anti-gel additives work well in cold weather if you want to prevent diesel from thickening and gelling.
  • Yes. Now here's the deal. Go to a hardware store and buy a gallon of acetone (about 15 dollars). Dump 4 ounces per 10 gallons of gas (right before you gas up). I got 12% on the highway yo... Find a plastic bottle that's safe for acetone so you can easily measure, bring and dispence it at the gas station. I use a 10 ounce nail polish remover (which is acetone) bottle.
  • For the most part- no, they don't. All additives are SUPPOSED to do, is to clean out what gunk is in your intake and fuel injection systems. That's it. All you are going to see in an MPG "boost" is only to get your real MPG back to where your car is supposed to be in the first place. In other words, you are NOT going to get an increase in MPG greater than what you would get if your car was brand new. You are only going to see a RETURN to what you were supposed to be getting in the first place, and nothing higher than that. If your car is supposed to get around 30 MPG with a clean engine, all the additive is going to do, is to clean up your engine to where you will get back to the ORIGINAL MPG rating like when the car was first new. Any claims otherwise is a blatant lie by the gas additive maker. That being said, only about 5% of the gas additives on the market actually work. The rest of the 95% are just worthless junk, and a total waste of money.
  • I've used fuel injector cleaner before, it worked great. Actually, I'm gonna get some more soon.

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