• kk, I went threw the same shit with my ex bf he was allways there and it is hard to let go when you see them everyday he wasnt really a nice guy he called me names and all that bs so its alittle diffrent but what you have to do is try and stay strong and do other things to keep her of your mind and if theres anything of her in your room or house get rid of it, it well just remind of u even more you need to start new and if you have to advoid her cuz its to hard then do so because you well never get rid of her completly she well always be apart of you... if this suck im sorry i know gettin over relationships is hard but you got to think of why you guys didnt work out and try and move on with your life
  • Its really hard. I am sitting here trying to get over my ex while he is out having the time of his life. It really doesn't feel good.
  • here's a really good way that'll make you think (i hope): has there ever been someone who liked YOU, but YOU didn't like HER back? maybe you thought she was nice, but..umm..let's see, maybe you weren't attracted to her in 'that way', or for whatever reason, you JUST DIDN'T LIKE HER BACK??? you prob didn't want to hurt her, but you just didn't think you could hook up with her in that hook-up kinda way? Well guess what? Now it's happening to you. You're on the other end of the spectrum on this one. Just like you didn't want to hurt that girl you weren't attracted to, you just wanted to be friends, this girl that you're talking about, feels the same about you. don't take it personal, you seem like a cool person, it's just that this girl doesn't like you in "that way".....sometimes we do it to others, sometimes others do it to us....this time, it's your turn...hope this helps put things in perspective. Again, don't take it personal! You won't click with every person you ever's all good. You're gonna be just fine...peace!
  • There is a film you should watch and it will cheer you up... but I can't remember the name of it. It has elizabeth hurley in it where she is the devil. The main actor falls in love with a girl at work, after all he does to try and be the person for her, he finally asks her out, but she is taken. He has no choice but to get over it but shortly after meets the girl of his dreams and reality. Sounds like she is not that into you (to put it bluntly) but there is another out there who is right for you and you have to work at finding her!
  • You don't. But eventually time does it for you. For now you just have to learn to live with the heartache, like one learns to live with any other broken limb. It does go away, but on it's own time.
  • just so you all know...this question can be closed. I'm over that girl...I HOPE!!! I have a girlfriend who is amazing!!! Marriage material
  • Well kid, move on: literally. Get your bum keester into another city or neighbourhood if you're not mentally mature enough to move on.

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