• Pope Benedict can speak ten languages,including English, French, Italian, and German fluently. Pope John Paul II spoke 8 languages fluently. Polish, Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin. I love to find answers (O: davoomac, I can fish them out of my history if you need the sites (O:
  • I could not find the other one, who holds the world record for speaking the most languages and i did try, Sorry )O:
  • He has 2 faces so i think at least 2
  • The main language the pope needs to speak is truth.
  • In the Reader's Digest article or feature condensation about John Paul II, it said 20.
  • 10 languages, although the source does not state which
  • He speaks ten languages including: German Italian English ecclesiastical Latin I couldn't find the others, though. :-( How are you going to say he speaks 10 and only give four of them, huh?
  • Pope Benedict XVI, in addition to his native German, fluently speaks Italian, French, English, Spanish and Latin, and has a knowledge of Portuguese. He can read Ancient Greek and biblical Hebrew. At the end of his speech on Christmas, the pope delivered Christmas greetings in 33 languages. With love in Christ.

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