• Yes it is molestation, no matter what the age of the perpetrator.
  • Unfortunately their are some children who are so ill that they will molest others. Not common but it does happen. Both children need treatment asap.
  • Dear Lord! Where else would a 7yo learn such behaviour if it had not been meted out on him by an adult close to him? How horrific. Get them both help.
  • someone has had to of done that to one of them for them to do it to another. get them some help cause that kind of stuff will ruin their lives if they dont get help. that is the kind of stuff that makes adults do that. it happened to them as a child and didnt get help and they started to do it to younger children.
  • forcible sex is rape, although courts would demand both children to receive counseling. If this is an isolated incident most judges would not do much more. If it was a repeated incident the older child would most likely be sent to an institution for sometime.
  • first answer was correct one
  • Use whatever wording you care -- it just isn't right for either child, and without a lot of imagination all adults that were not present, or should have been responsible need to answer. Children don't come to such ideas on their own.
  • they were raped. And both need help. Dear God please bless and protect the children of this world! In Jesus name amen!

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