• They dissaprove generally, before they even get to your house, thus the housecall...
  • Greatly disapprove.
  • They would run up the street screaming in pain....LOL
  • if you mean right at this moment, probably. Pajama bottoms and no shirt. Lazy Sunday.
  • they would burn everything except the last three dresses I got at Kohl's.
  • well, as i work in the fashion indusrty, they would approve. i was the sole visual merchandiser for a large retail company for 1.5years, i have been a personal shopper, i am the vm manager for cancer research and have been offered the job as area vm manager in my current job. my closet includes: Versace, Emporio Armani, Vivienne Westwood (worlds end label), Dolce & Gabanna, Moschino etc etc
  • I have such a variety of clothes hanging in my closet (should get rid of many of them) that I think I could squeak by.
  • I am sure they would disapprove, but I disapprove of their total lack of color. They are always pushing the drab.
  • Disapprove. I'm wearing a sweat shirt
  • I couldn't give two kumquats what they think, they annoy me. Who made it their right to decide what people wear?
  • I think they would be in between disapproval and approval.
  • I serious would believe they would have a bomfire with what I own except my leather jacket. My blue jeans & t-shirt collection I have been trying to work away from but just can't seem to give up, my lack of properly fitting cloths at the moment, lets just say they shrunk in the wash somehow, anywhere from dress pants to skirts, sweaters & dress shirts to my collection of colored socks that I never wear. So disapprove sounds like it would be politely, call 911 for my outfits.
  • I've been sick for the past 2 weeks, so I've been staying in and watching tv and surfing a lot more than usual.
  • They would have to get over the shock of denial before they worked themselves up to disapproval. At least my clothes cover everything they are supposed to and don't outline things they shouldn't.
  • as a 21 year old bloke i'd take very little intrest i what 2 middle aged bitches like them thought of my wordrobe lol.
  • I think they would approve of most of the things in my closet except my raggedy white shirt and 20 year old brown striped shirt that I wear when I'm doing dirty work. They probably wouldn't like my Sex Pistols T-shirts. I don't think they'd like my red flannel shirt that I have on now. On the other hand, they might hate it all because it's not expensive and brand new. "All you need are looks and a whole lot of money" ~ B. Joel
  • They would hate it all.
  • I can only imagine that all of my clothes would me in the trash. DO NOT call them to my house!!! I LIKE MY CLOTHES!!!
  • I think they would generally approve. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I think that I am pretty fashionable.
  • Right at the moment they would not only disapprove, but they would send me to the What Not To Wear Slammer. I would kick Stacy in the butt on her way out.
  • Disapprove, All my clothes are old, or maternity. None of them are sylish but, very comfy!
  • They would disapprove, most people do. I ahve lots of old tye dyes tees and jeans, some sweats and so forth.unless they are really into scrubs, I am screwed.
  • I wouldn't let them in my house,let alone my room just so they can throw out all my commerative and expressive T-shirts.They'd probably just set fire to my closet to save time considering some of the stuff I have.
  • Too drab...too frumpy...too heels....too style....I'd say probably disapprove...
  • They wouldn't be in a position to do that, unless they took me shopping for a fine, dark blue suit of my choosing, and paid for it first. If they did that then I'd let them evaluate my wardrobe while I partied to my play list. :p

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