• You eat lots more healthy than I. I will vary from a bowl of cereal with skim milk to a piece of cake, to a dish of ice cream, etc.
  • Oh, kdawwg, no wonder you are so sweet. Nilla wafers and vanilla soymilk.... Me, I don't eat anything special before hitting my pillow. no night time rituals for me.
  • After dinner I usually have a cup of tea and a biscuit, around 8:00 or 9:00pm.
  • I always like a bowl of cereal also. I like Fruity pebbels and some 2% milk. I love whole but, not trying to gain 50lbs with the first pregnancy!
  • Hell, I don't even eat every day. I'll more than make up for it the next day, so don't worry about me.
  • Nuttin'.
  • Everything I can get my hands on....and it shows :)
  • Sometimes a 5 Star Hamburger from Hardees or a large tuna sub from Charley's. I thought you might like to know that soy products increase estrogen levels and if you're a man, soy is not good. I discovered that in Carlon Colker's "Extreme Muscle Enhancement."
  • I don't like sleeping on a full stomach. I don't eat anything before I go to bed.
  • Usually, a tablespoon full (very) of organic vanilla ice cream and a small (very) piece of cake. It satisfies the craving for something sweet. By the way, soy excaecerbates the thyroid. Makes it malfunction (in a nut shell). I bave been drinking vanilla rice milk as a substitute for years after using soy for years and having it screw with my already off kilter thyroid. Just cos we care...
  • Popcorn
  • Sorry to hear about the gynecomastia.Its usually bought on by impaired liver function or the use of medications that contain estrogen. I dont know it you are into alternative medicine for possible help. Let me know. I use rice milk in my coffee everyday-used to use soy but I like the rice milk much better. I think for some it may be an aquired taste thing though but since you are already used to soy, it may be an easy transition. I have found that Rice Dream is tbe best to use because as it hits the hot coffee, it doesnt separate like the Trader Joe's house brand does). I guess you can just give it a try.
  • I used to eat before bed, but it was screwing up my metabolism. I decided I wanted to do the healthy thing, so I try to be good as often as possible. Though nothing says 3 AM on a Saturday night like a cheese pizza! :)
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