• Oatmeal for me, too. Cold cereal gets under my dentures. :P
  • Rice. I could fix it 21 different ways and never have to eat the same thing twice! Although corn is very versatile as well, I don't know as many ways to fix it. I've never made hominy or grits from corn, but cornbread is a staple in my home. I would not want to eat oatmeal three times a day for a week.
    • Majik-1
      Since cornbread is a staple in your home, you could eat cornbread & milk for every meal. Not the most preferred meal, but it sure beats going hungry!!!
    • Linda Joy
      True. The obstacle these days to cornbread is if I make a whole pan I'll eat the whole pan!! I'm toying with the idea of making corn muffins and freezing them in single servings. Of course I could do the same with the pan of cornbread, portion and freeze part of it... They also say potato and milk make a meal, but with the price of potato these days cornbread is a lot cheaper! I guess I should just count myself blessed that I have all 3 and meals on wheels brings me a carton of milk every day. I need to eat the beans in my pantry! They are good protein on the cheap!
  • lucky charrns
  • Me Lucky Charms. 🍀
  • Probably frosted Mini wheats or granola. 8/28/23
    • Linda Joy
      When I was a substitute teacher I used to take frosted mini wheats and grapes sometimes with peanuts for lunch. I liked to eat a half mini wheat with a grape on top. It was just enough juice to soften the mini wheat! lol
    • dalcocono

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