• this is latin, NOT italian. i don't speak latin so i don't know. i only speak italian. mi dispiace...
  • As yahoo said, it is Latin. Are you sure it is Dominus Omus and not OMNUS? From the little Latin I know, dominus should mean "to rule" or "ruler/master" and omNus means "all" or "everthing", so I'm thinking "the ruler/master of all things" or something similar.
  • From what I recall, Dominus Omus was a joke line from Eddie Murphy when he was discussing the shooting of Pope John Paul II, if I recall correctly, he was talking about the Pope going through cities at 60 MPH and just yelling Dominus Omus out the window as he drove through. I don't think it is a valid Latin term.
  • 1) It is Latin and actually, it does not mean anything. It is just referring to the kind of Latin that they speak in some Churches, especially some Catholic ones (at least in the old days). - Dominus is "the Lord" (God) - "Omus" is an alternative form of "domus", the house “Has est omus domini” means "This is the house of the Lord" (the Church) 2) Here some examples: - "I love my church. It's not at all like the "traditional" Methodist one I grew up in, or the one I used to go to. You know, the old "Dominus Omus benedictu Christus" - "In this outstanding episode of The Shitty Shoe Show, the fair and balanced Winston Wingtip, an ASS Action Reporter, brings you an exclusive update on the Pope. Dominus omus!" - "But don’t worry; I don’t like long sermons. Seriously, that’s one thing I enjoy about the Catholics: get in, dominus omus, we’re outta here." - "the evil spirit of Clint Longley.... I command thee to banish all thoughts of jinxing our win or feel the wrath of our patron saint, our gridiron angel.... The Late George Allen ominus dominus... you be al'ight (Eddie Murphy Raw) Dominus omus.... ;)" 3) Also, "Omus is a genus of tiger beetles", but it is not meant here:

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