• It is a sign that they can't be trusted in my opinion
  • Honestly? When someone asks me to trust them.. I try. Sometimes I have issues trusting people. I dont know. Guess it really depends on the person. ;) Great question Jodie!
  • I almost always put my trust in mankind unless someone gives me reason to not trust them first.
  • It depends on who is saying it. If it is a good friend, I assume they are using it just as an expression... like in passing. But normally my good friends don't have to say that, I trust them already. If someone I barely know says it... that's my cue to run sometimes. Good Question!!!!!!
  • G'day Jodie, Thank you for your question. I generally trust people until they prove that they can't be trusted. However, the words "trust me" are often a warning flag for me that the person cannot be trusted. It often seems to be used by car salesmen and others whose word can't always be accepted at face value. Regards
  • I only trust those that took the time to earn my trust. Trust that is easily given can be easily broken. trust earned has value and is much harder to break.
  • I have to say when someone says that it gives me pause. It seems like he/she is qualifying a statement before it's even made. It just seems to be a little on the suspicious side.
  • I hate when someone says that, especially, if I dont know them, why would I trust them? I believe that trust needs to be earned and proven. I do however, have a certain amount of faith, that they will do what they say, until, they prove me wrong.From experience, usually when someone says that, they shouldnt be trusted.
  • I say B...If they have to say it in the first place, well then, what do ya think.
  • Usually I give that person the benefit of the doubt. The next time they cant be trusted.
  • It depends on several things including how much is at stake and whether I'm familiar with that person and thier track record. I wouldn't trust my house with someone over the internet.
  • Interesting question, Jodie. I think that people either say "trust me" because they are either a) very intense and like to verbalize the desire to connect, or b) bullshitting because they are actually not genuine. I suppose the older and wiser you get, the more you are able to tell the difference.
  • It depends on who they are and what the circumstances are.
  • It depends on the person. But if I don't know the person well enough, or know the person well enough to know better, then my first reaction would be to tense up.
  • B. Red flag goes up! Especially if it's someone new.
  • Trust me?? I trust no one but God.
  • A lot depends on the circumstances...who they are, how well/long you have known them. For me, a person needs to earn my trust through their actions. I have always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt at first, but I have been burned because of that many times. Someone who says "trust me"...especially if they say it a lot...strikes me as someone who cannot be trusted or least, someone to be more suspicous of.
  • I love this question, Jodie! It is very though provoking. I really can't find the words I'm looking for, but bear with me: "Trust me" from the school gossiper, always meant that you had a confessional that would guarantee your secret would be let out and spread. Which was always a good thing, because it would be let out inaccurately, and would disguise the real truth. "Trust me" coming from your mother means that you can cry on her bosom because Susie Shoemake broke your heart. You know you can trust that she'll never tell Dad you cried. "Trust me" coming from comrades in different phases of my life (The ones with occupational hazards) - means that I can take their hand, they won't drop me. "Trust me" coming from my smiling brother in law, ALWAYS means I am about to be shot with something. Be it a BB gun, nail gun, paintball, Air stapler or slingshot... Of course, I probably deserve it.
  • It all depends on the situation. However, after going through trusting a number of people with my heart, when someone says "Trust me", I question them in my mind, "can I really trust you?" with doubt that I could, for I have been betrayed in my recent past. I am just a bit more cautious these days.
  • It really depends on the person and the situation but either way, I'm not gonna be trusting anyone I don't know and believe in :)
  • The latter. Why mention it all, dig? ;-)
  • It would depend on who it is saying "trust me" :)
  • I am always very cautious in these situations. I would have to say a safe mix of a and b is my typical approach.
  • That depends entirely on the person that says that magic phrase... There are those who could say that, and I would place my life in their hands... and there are those that could say that and I'll just look at them like they just sprouted a horn out of the center of their forehead.

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