• i mightve had that happen but cant think of it exactly, but ive been thinking about this certain person and then saw her today
  • Yes, in a round about way.
  • my past dreams appeared unexpectedly in an unexpected place and time.... but i am hoping to meet today the person i dreamt last night . xD
  • Never, I've dreamt dome lovely ladies and I'm still looking for them. I'm easy I'll settle for 2nd best!
    • Myang
      as i've said. you will meet them unexpectedly. some of dreams as well are just a sign or warnings for a certain happenings. don't try to look because you're not going to see them that way xD
    • Roaring
      For me and her joyful expression in the dream suggested to me (pay attention). We entered into a relationship where we both did some growing, even though it didn't last very long(1-1/2yrs)
  • I had a dream about him and us but didn't actually see him in the dream. Not that I remember. I wrote the dream down but it was stolen when thieves broke into my house and took my computer. : (
    • Linda Joy
      I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  • Of coarse.
  • You're describing "Deja Vu". Yes, I've had the experience many times. Not just about people, but about places and events as well. Many times it has given me reason to wonder how such a familiarity is possible, without having been somewhere or meeting someone before, or knowing what is about to happen or be said.
  • Yes, back when I used to do marijuana, prescient dreams and synchronicity was at least a weekly occurence.
  • No. But I did dream my son cut all his bottom 4 teeth when he was only 3 mos. I thought it was silly to check so soon, but he had cut his first bottom tooth. I dreamed the same thing the second time he cut a tooth, but that was it. Now I just have nightmares sometimes. But they're not really bad, like they used to be.
  • Yes. High dreams, synchronicity, and various paranormal stuff was frequent when I was younger. Most of it stopped when I quit cannabis and psychedelics.
  • Yes, dreams are revelations from the supernatural.
  • I'm sure I met someone I saw in a dream. One time I went to a bar (real) and next night I dreamed of the bar tender.

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