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  • Compliment her on something. "Oh my goodness I LOVE the perfume you are wearing, what is it?" and then go on to talk about perfume.. and wherever the conversation goes... Be friendly. ~+~
  • Send her a card commemorating/acknowledging a milestone or significant event: her birthday, an anniversary, Mothers' Day, one of her children finishing an accomplishment. Present yourself like a proper lady who is wishing someone sincere gratification on a special event. Open the door for the phone conversation, and make certain that if it's on her dime that you don't blab her into the poorhouse. Keep the conversation to a reasonable duration, whoever makes the call, and keep it upbeat and complimentary. Never get confrontational or argumentative -- there will be plenty of time for that after you establish your friendship. You might offer to pay for the call if she wants to make it "charges reversed" and person-to-person which will assure that the call will be completed only if you are present to accept it. Pre-arranging the call could a lot of time and expense, and it shows your ability to plan, which deserves some respect.
  • Dont try to be over the top friendly or funny... just BE YOU! Start the convo with something not so "heavy" or "deep" maybe something that you both can relate to...i hope that makes sense...good luck ;-)
  • Just think that she is your own mom and talk u'll be more comfortable. It all in your mind and you are the controller of your mind. So just imagine that she is your mom.
  • Be yourself and don't be nice to her just because she is your boyfriend's mom. Be nice to her because you want to be nice to her.

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