• As opposed to, say, Bud Light? Yes. Because the lager will fill you up better, and you'll likely drink less.
  • It depends. Certain German lagers will contain live yeast which is filtered out of most beers everywhere. Yeast contains Vitamin B Complex which is a tremendous aid in getting rid of hangovers. I am not positive but i think "Chaser" contains a bunch of it. When you drink alcohol it destroys the vitamin B in your body. This will aid in your dehydration as vitamin B helps control fluid levels in your body. I also notice that when I drink my homebrew with live yeast I don't pee as much but that is very debatable. You can check out the appendix in Charlie Papazian's The Complete Joy of Homebrewing for some really greathangover related information.
  • i dont know but i had organic larger in austria and that did'nt give me a hanover.
  • i dont drink
  • not sure but you'll probably get a hangover no matter what kind of alcohol you drink

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