• Actually most ARE Americans and not "Nigerians" in the first place. It's why they don't call, but prefer to contact via text. I used to have fun with them back in my younger days. I'd get them to send photos of all sorts of things I "wanted" as collateral. Don't bother with them these days as nowadays the new scam is "lonely women". these are emails where they have "seen" my profile on a social media site and have fallen madly in "love". They now want to come and meet me. The only "problem" is, they are a few hundred bucks short of the plane ticket...... It really fascinates me how scams develop and the mentality of the people behind them. As an ex-hacker I suppose it does take me back to the old social engineering days.
  • I ignore such stuff. I've never received any messages from anyone claiming to be Nigerian princes. A few years ago, several people I know became acquainted with a man in a Yahoo group, and he wanted to be our friend on Facebook too. Some months later, several of us received messages from him saying he was stranded in Europe and asked each of us for $2000. None of us replied to him.
  • i dont get those but i would probably just delete it
  • Last time (years ago) I forwarded Dr. Mbootae's urgent request to move his "vast millions" to about ten NGOs and governmental agencies specializing in online scams. I then sent him a list of them, gave him a short lecture, and ended with "do not hesitate to contact me again if there is any more trouble I can cause you." I never heard from him again, nor from any of the herd of Ghanaian women that had been so desperate to marry or breed. In fact I have received zero email or snailmail contact from anyone in Africa since then...think I've been put on a blacklist!
  • I laugh when I get one. I can't believe that people fall for it.
  • I like to read the emails for entertainment purposes, then delete the mail.
  • I don't. I just ignore them.
  • I actually got a scam email from a "Nigerian banker" a couple days back. It was in my spam folder. I ignored it.
  • Do you think, maybe, just possibly, somewhere out there, there is a real Nigerian prince who is so lonely because no one wants to be his friend despite him emailing millions of random strangers he never met before? LOL What's funny is that there are actually hundreds of Nigerian princes, so, it could be possible to randomly encounter one in real life, but also, since there are so many, having such a title might not equate to any sort of meaningful wealth.
  • I haven't gotten one of those for years- when I did i deleted almost all of them. Only answered once, "I'm a deposed royal from Cameroon, if I take your money who would I send that to??"
  • I don't respond.

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