• As I recall treble is the higher sound range. Dolby is a noise reduction system or device.
  • Treble controls the higher frequencies of sound, bass controls the lower frequencies. If you think of it in terms of adjusting the sound on music, treble would be like vocals and guitars, bass would be bass and like, lower drum sounds. Dolby is an audio laboratory that develops sound technologies for stereo playbak and film recording. They are known for their Dolby Noise Reduction technology with cassette tapes, and they also developed the Dolby Pro Logic chip for stereo receivers that makes Surround Sound possible.
  • Treble is the higher sounds like chimes and things like that. If you really want to be freaked out, you use bass and treble right? so two knobs? I do things in audio recording that would be like 120 knobs. lol

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