• Book store / tea shop but in order to do that I would need buckets of money. :)
  • Yes, I have thought of it. In fact a friend and I did do it. We now own a small grocery store.
  • i've always wanted to do a wedding consulting thing...
  • No. But I did help my hubby start a auto glass business.
  • Yes. I thought about setting up my own computer services shop. If I save enough money, maybe I'd be able to do that next year, or in 2010.
  • I used to want to own XD
  • I always wanted to open a small dress shop.
  • i think about it all the time. I like to look about 20 or 30 years ahead. Hopefully I will have saved money. I will move out to a small town. I want a shabby restaurant. I want to wake up early and man the grill serving up homey food of all sorts. I will know my customers. The most ideal restaurant (not for franchising or expanding) seems to be an American Diner, with whatever twists you can think of (mex, asian, italian)
  • Coupon books, Mobile mechanics, Paragraphics, Consultant co., House painting, Trucking co., Advertising co., Sales co., Am now setting up small business's for people with low incomes.
  • I did have my own business. I was a baby/child/maternity portrait photographer. The business is temporarily "closed" because I wanted to go back to university to study sociology and human rights.
  • I wanted to and would still like to start a pet sitting business. The bigger cities have them where you go to the house 2-3 times a day for an hour and play with them, feed them , walk them, etc and the pay is great. There have been many times I have needed a pet sitter like that and there is no one around here like that. He has to be left alone all day, left in a motel for several hours or something like that. The nearest pet "motel" is $25.00 a night and then they have nobody there after 5 pm to watch them so I think that would be kind of cool.
  • I have thought about millions of times. I could never make up my mind exactly what I want to do. My latest thought was a drive through beer barn. Drive your car into this big barn, you don't even have to get out. Order what ever type of beer youw ant, ice, liquor party goods, we'll put your ice in you cooler for ya.
  • My grandparents own a Hawaiian food restaurant and the customers that come in are so enchanted by Hawaii and everything related and as long as I've worked there, I feel honored to be a part of a culture that people love. Recently I've started to bake pies of all sorts, ones I find to be unique, and I've been selling them at the restaurant. I've gotten really great feedback and compliments on them so I'm trying to start a business selling them. I've got a million ideas and there's no one like family that already own a business to help you achieve a dream. Good luck if you're starting one! The world needs more creative ideas.
  • I've always liked the thought of running a fun-themed diner/bar. Either that or a photography studio.
  • I'd like to own a string of crazily themed bars.
  • I did once... I lost my ass! But I would like to start a medical transcription and coding business.
  • Yes ... I have been teaching a mix of health science & self defense since 1977.
  • Having my own boat (a harbour launch) and doing all sorts of harbour trips.
  • I've thought about opening an Internet Cafe in the mid-90's or a sports bar. I would probably lost all my money, difficult keeping a busy successfull in one of the worst states in the USA for small businesses.
  • Starting a business already crossed in my mind... I would like to have my business, i would like to have an bookshop with cafe or bar.

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