• Yes, literally. Years ago I was an avid surfer and got clobbered many times by some good sized waves. A few times the wave turned me head over heals many times under water. When the power of the wave released me under water I was disoriented and began swimming like crazy to get some air. Several times I found I was going down rather than up and I crashed headfirst into the sand. That sounds bad but it gave me a chance to spring off the sand to get to the surface quickly.
    • Linda Joy
      Exactly. Its the first thing divers are trained to do when they hit the water. Exhale to know which way is up! Spitting is for when you've been tumbled in an avalanche. No point digging through snow to the ground. Blood and tear flow will also show you which way is down. I've been pushed forcefully and scraped on the sand by some big waves, too. Not only that it will knock your equilibrium off if your ears are affected! Thank you!
  • With my neurological I get disoriented 😖 once in a while. No fun either.
    • Linda Joy
      You use the word neurological incorrectly. The word neurological is an adjective. Meaning it describes a thing. Usually a condition, disease, or test. It is not a noun or a thing you can have. You can have a neurological disease or a neurological condition But you can't have neurological. That's like saying I have pretty or I have soft. Still I'm sorry you have these issues, I hope you are getting relief and I'm glad you are with us again!
    • Rick Myres
      I would go into why I only say neurological. But it is long winded. I used to say I am a MS possible but people get that wrong and say you don't have MS! Doctors treat me like I fake it even with things they saw going on.
  • In a water park, riding on a big rubber ring, I didn't realise the gentle beginners ride I was on ran straight into a triple skull & crossbones "black run" (no glasses, didn't see the sign)! After a steep descent in a spiral tube there was a big vertical drop into a plunge pool. Not being much of a swimmer I'd jokingly asked a friend to rescue me if I looked like I was drowning, in her efforts to "save" me she accidentally held me down as I was righting myself! I hadn't heard "spit or exhale" before, I'll try to remember that one, thank you Linda Joy. All other cases of severe disorientation have been alcohol related...

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