• First define IQ. Most of the intelligence tests use spatial recognition as a primary factor: those rotating geometric designs and word scrambles. If you're good with mazes, you'll probably do well. Perhaps some people are inherently wired for those sort of tests, but the primary factor is cultural/societal. If you have not ben raised with exploring/reading/school pounded into your head, it is going to be much more difficult to excel in IQ/SAT aptitude tests.
    • Venus1485
      You're incorrect.
    • mushroom
      As much as colleges today claim otherwise, if they're not looking at SAT scores, then it's ACT scores. That's a distinction without a difference.
  • no and people are pretty smart no matter what race they are
    • Venus1485
      There are many dumb people of all races too.
  • I've seen figures on it. Mongoloids score highest on the average with Caucasoids close behind them and Negroids much lower.
  • "greater variation in IQ scores exists within each ethnic group than between them." Also the level of development of the country tested was a factor. Sub Saharan Africans had lower IQ's than African Americans. Also the gap between blacks and whites is closing.
  • not sure but its pretty high

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