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  • Over here we have the "Samaritans." Iraq call it the "Recruitment office"
  • i would suggest plenty of pain killers, the strongest and plenty of sleeping tablets, it can be hard to obtain them sometimes but pay a visit to every shop and chemist all in one day when you are sure you want to do it, and then go home when you know you have at least a few hours alone if you do not live alone and just take the tablets and you will fall asleep, i would also suggest taking a couple of sickness tablets so your body does not reject the others. this is the method i will be attempting later today, if it doest work i will let you know.
  • To begin with try to post a very well coordinated and easy to understand answer so they will get in touch with you. Once in touch give them the 800 lines, Hot Lines and Help Lines for suicidal people. I would look for them but my eyes are killing me. I have been online with a few trying to help them, the most important for them is to get it out of their chests and tell you all about their problems, then in short phrases explain why not or whatever the answer is, try to give them hope that is the key word. I am bookmarking this question, tomorrow first thing in the morning I will get all I can and post it as an EDIT. Be very careful they may become a bit aggressive as they are hurting which is understandable. Sorry my friend but I am almost blind right now. EDIT: Could not go to sleep, here are the links but read them first: P.S. In the above links you have about 1700 Hot Lines for suicidal people, the Samaritans Hot Line is included. Regards.
  • Im shocked more by the fact that someone would actually respond to this in the way that you wanted them to.
  • dude i would flag this if i believed in that type of thing... just don't
  • hope, purpose, that glimmer of light, lots of web sites out there that are anti-suicide, call your local ER or mental health clinic or primary care physician right now!!!
  • If you are having suicidal thoughts, or just need to talk to someone who understands, there is help at your nearest phone. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Ask "What are you thinking about doing?" Listen closely to how carefully calculated the suicide plan is. The more specific the plan, the more serious the suicidal thoughts. Show empathy and understanding rather than sounding panicky, irritated or upset. Allow the person to express thoughts and feelings openly. Talk to the person about getting counseling if the danger of suicide doesn't seem immediate. Help the person call a doctor and set up an urgent appointment. Offer to accompany the person to the appointment. Take immediate action to protect the person if the plan is carefully calculated. Call 911 or go to the emergency room. Let the person know that you care about them and want to help them. Listen to the persons cares and concerns. Give them patience, sympathy, and acceptance. Many suicidal victims often just want someone to talk to If a person is suicidal do not leave them alone. If there is a weapon in the house; try to get rid of it. Take the person seriously. Again urge the person to get professional help. Stay with the person until other help arrives. This is how you prevent suicide in some cases you may have to be a true friend and stay by their side, or stay on the phone until you feel reassured. See these sites for more info: If you are dealing with a suicidal person and they choose to committ suicide it is not your fault
  • Use reverse psychology
  • If they were seroius they would not bother with asking they would just do it.
  • Ignore them. People who talk about suicide rarely follow through-they're just looking for attention. Besides, if it's a real problem the last thing they need is for some untrained do-gooder sticking their nose in it.
  • ppl who really want to kill themselves put their affirs in order and are successful, there is no attempt at suicide. ppl who attempt more than once may have issues, but most likely just want attention and someone to talk to them about it
  • Ignore them. The sad fact is most "attempted suicides" are designed to fail but get a lot of attention. Ask any cop or EMT. They are attempts by sad, lonely or desperate people who need help or want attention but who lack the guts to ask for it. Posting an "I'm gonna kill myself" message on line is just the ultimate cry for attention. And, unfortunately, giving them attention just feeds the need for more.
  • simple slap they stupid and tell them to grow the f*uck up, every one has problems and only the weak get selfish and look for the easy way out. people that are suicidal dont need sympathy, they need a reality check.
  • The first I would do is to have a conversation about how suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. After that get professional help. Ask somebody, anybody, for help. It is there if you want it. Please, want it.
  • Painless for whom? For the people left behind? Or for you? Why not go ahead and do it painfully so you'll have some idea what the people are left behind will be feeling?
  • i think... for you... the painless way.. hire someone to kill you while sleeping....or why dont you try to drink 2 bottles of sleeping pills... and if you want to feel being left behind.. try to kill someone you're afraid to loose... then you'll see...
  • It's nobody's business but there own if they want it, and it should be legal for a trained professional to render assistance if needed. "But what about the people you'll be leaving behind?" Congratulations, you've just made the poor loner feel even worse. "Don't say nobody cares, I care." Yay, now they get to live as a charity case.
  • You could refer the person to a suicide helpline but if they don't want to go down this route there are things we can all do to help and it starts with offering time and space for the person to talk about their inner feelings. From there, you need to show warmth and empathy and demonstrate that you have been listening by asking appropriate questions about the feelings they express to you. Listening is really important and it means refraining from offering what you consider to be good advice or the benefit of your experience. It might be good for you, but it could be useless for them/their situation. Ask open questions - beginning with Who, What, When, Where, How? Eg. How did you feel?... What did you think?... What's happened to bring you to this point?. Open questions develop a dialogue rather than closing it down and if worded correctly and sensitively, will allow the suicidal person to explore their feelings more. We can all do it, but we need to approach it from an angle of genuine care and concern. Emotionally blackmailing the person into changing their mind or leading them in a different direction doesn't work. It creates a barrier between you and them and increases feelings of isolation and despair. Talking about painful feelings and sharing them with another person who gives a damn can make a huge difference. It's not the only way, but it's very significant, so you can sometimes help a suicidal person by just being there, listening and caring. Fact: There is no truly effective and painless way to end your life. The failure rate is massive. Overdosing is particularly painful and often ineffective, but even supposedly lethal methods like hanging go wrong. For every successful suicide there are numerous failures.
  • First of all, suicide is against the laws of God. At least that is my belief. These people need help. I have heard interviews with people who tried to commit suicide and later were sorry they tried and they got their life turned around. Men tend to do the more dramatic stuff, like shooting their heads off. Women tend to do the sleeping pill thing. But, please, seek help before you try any of these. I am a suicide survivor and I am so glad I failed.
  • Ignore them. They are wanting attention and have no problem bringing you down to achieve this. Having you feeling sorry or even desperate for them makes them feel important and again, they have no problem with that. It is sad because we truly have people out there who contemplate taking their own life but for the most part.. you have pathetic, lazy asses on here wanting attention regardless that they get it the negative way. I have no patience for the weak people who play this game. All of us are living this life and facing the hardships it can throw.
  • life isnt that bad, you have your ups and downs. I suggest anti-depressants. Its only a phase.Sometimes people just want to know theres somebody out there that cares xx
  • tell me about it. I dont care if its for attention or not...they should be taken seriously. i have had to block people responding to my things i have written to OTHER people before because they just try and push your buttons and wind you up. its too upsetting. so i have to block those. I HATE it when people give 'painless' methods and say that 'they have a right to take their life if they want'...fair enough. but i would want NO part in assisting them on finding a 'painless' method. Some people have talked of their PAINFUL AS HELL methods...and i am all for that! bring ppl back down to reality and think about it...I have actually flagged a few of those answers which tell of 'pain free' methods because i think its disgusting to be 'egging' them on. ppl have no idea what they are thinkin when writing those questions and i feel its our responsibility as HUMANS to CARE! my flags got knocked back and i then wrote a short meaningful message about why they should be taken off! i think its on answerbags head if someone actually tried it...sure, chances are SMALL! but what happens when a parent perhaps figures out what was being said and what 'advice' was given. Answerbag SHOULD be up sh!tcreek then. if not have brains and compassion 'authority' figures, at least someone should have it as a HUMAN BEING...but turns out there aint much one person can do. I expect people to write of 'painfree' ways...but i expect more of moderators. whether its a joke, attention or for real...its somebody's LIFE! Seriously tho there isnt much you can do on an individual level except give out info on who to contact and do your 'speel'. you could do the 'human counselling' but you have no idea who your talking to on the other side. so i dont recommend this. look after your own safety first and hound the 'authority' figures here to grow some balls and compassion.
  • Even if your reason for committing suicide is a fair one most people find it hard to get on with the job. That's just the way some people are. We need assisted and painless suicide as a public service then all this talk would probably end.
  • i just tell them to get some help
  • i dont think its good to tell people how to do it, its better to encourage people not to do it
  • Having helped to prevent two of them since becoming a member I will tell you how I (we) did it. First- The reason is sometimes a stupid one; convince them of this even if it isn't. Second- Provide at least three really good [positive] reasons why they should continue living. Third- Relate to them. Chances are you went through a similar Hell. Share with them how you survived. Lastly- Call the reason stupid; not them. Be friendly, respectful, kind and empathetic [NOT judgmental] when sharing your advice. We want them to continue living; not to go through with it simply because you made it worse.
  • i tell them its less painful not to do it and they should get some help instead, also, i tell them you can ruin your life by trying, ive heard of people going blind cause they shot themselves in the head, tell them thats not worth doing
  • Don't be shocked, you'd see less questions if they didnt simply yak about it!
  • They are just seeking attention. Ignore them, they'll write back
  • National suicide prevention line 1 800-273-8255 Do not attempt to be their therapist.
  • i just tell them to get some help

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