• hum'' you realy want to know' ever seen those shreaders on the trucks cutting the limbs into chips'
  • Having personally been hit by both my father and ex husband I am all about tying men who hit women to road salt trucks and watching their skin slowly burn away as they get dragged behind. Gruesome I know but when you have your jaw broken because you went out dancing with friends and didn't "approve it" with your warden first you kinda hold a grudge.
  • I don't see what gender has to do with it. My take on a man who beats a woman would not be that much different than on a man who beats other men. The only difference I can see might be if the woman is small or weak. A woman can be a badass too. If a woman provoked me badly enough (damaging my property, extreme and incessant verbal abuse, etc.), I'd probably hit her. I don't see any reason why a person's gender should allow them to act so disrespectful and get away with it.
  • A man that beats a woman is scum. My father in law beat my mother in law while they were married. I don't know why his second or third wife divorced him too but I can imagine he was physically abusive to all three.
  • it's ok in countries because their culture allows it. in this culture there's no way in hell i'm letting a man hit me. in that culture, their way of thinking is totally different. i honestly can't speak on the behalf of those women. i still think that those men better hold their dignity close to them and respect women, and women should learn that they are not any less than a man simply for being female. as for men who already do beat women in this's time to approve castration in this country.
  • He makes me feel sick. I know what a man like that can do. And it makes me feel sick. And that'll never happen to me. I'll make damn sure of that.
  • I just got robbed in my shop a few days ago,a male and female came in,the female distracted me in a another room,while the guy went up front and grabbed the money and ran out the door,I knew what was going on within seconds,but it was to late..BUT,she was trapped in the shop with me,long story short is she made a break for it,I grabbed her and yelled to my neighbor to call the cops,all while she was beating me on the head and kicking me in the crotch etc.,all I was trying to do was hold her for the cops,never occurred to me once to hit her,no,I would never hit a woman,and I don't think any man should..anyway,she did break free and got away and the cops didn't catch them.
  • My father beat my mother over a period of time until she had enough and went,i dont speak to him and have nothing to do with him as in my eyes he is an out and out coward.
  • If I ever see that happening, I'll pound the bastard into mincemeat, and damn the consequences! NO man has that right, no matter what the law says.
  • I personally think gender doesn't matter. In general, violence is bad. And violence is worse if you do it to someone weaker than you are. If a very strong, muscular woman beats up on her timid, weaker boyfriend, that's just as wrong as an average man beating up on an average woman (since the average man is stronger than the average woman). I think it sets women's rights back to speak in terms of "men" and "women", and more in terms of strength and fighting capability. It would have been wrong if I had hit ANY of my past girlfriends, because I was always stronger and bigger than they were. I don't know how wrong it would be if I hit back if I was dating a professional female bodybuilder, or a woman with military special forces training. In general, it is a bad thing to inflict violence on someone who can't realistically defend themselves against you. Generally, that means men shouldn't hit women, even in retaliation. But I might feel compelled to hit a woman weaker than me if she was swinging a baseball bat at me, or otherwise had initiated physical violence and could be a danger to my well-being. I've never hit a woman though. I would frown upon a man hitting his smaller, weaker girlfriend just as much as I would a woman hitting her smaller, weaker boyfriend (it's just that the latter is much less common).
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, all spousal violence is wrong, doesn't matter if it's man on woman, woman on man, man on man, or woman on woman. Recent studies show that men and woman abuse each other at about the same rate in relationships, (and no it's not for "self defense"). This tells me that we need to look beyond the man beat woman scenario, and look at ALL violence, regardless of who is the perp. Otherwise your going to continue to ignore the problem as a whole. That said, why do these questions even get asked? You know the answer before you even hit the submit button, it's all going to be "it's wrong, etc etc".
  • I never believed in women beating till i got on AB, now i'm all for it : )
  • if a man who beat on his woman or wateva are having problems with begin a man i say if u hit on a woman u are not a man u are a little boy and that they have sum growing up 2 do and sum women beat men i cant c the reason 4 it if u have a problem i think that they should talk it out if not than walk away and one of them would get the worst end of it in the end

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