• I'd just scrub the inside down with bleach or fantasic or something, but now that I think about it you might ended bleaching all your clothes... Try to look for a pen on the inside of the drier, maybe its stuck there. And always check your pockets before you put your pants in the washer.
  • Goo Gone makes a product to remove ink. You could also try rubbing alcohol or hairspray. Use rubber gloves, and be prepared to go through a lot of paper towels.
  • There is no way,believe me .Replacement of drum only.Problem from ink. .Call me (Keith or Tony) @ 366-1861----All Home Appliance Service.Las vegas
  • i need the answer too. IT IS NOT INK. We have a new dryer unused in our garage because the blue stain is ruining our clothes. We had a tech come out. We bought another new dryer. Now the blue is worse on the inside of this one than the first. Our clothes are intermittenly ruined. It is a dye, i think, coming off of certain clothes but I do not know which ones. I need help trying to figure it out. Do you wash blue school uniform pants? I have been washing clothes for over 35 years and never ever had this problem before.
  • Maybe from levys.Try small amount of clothes deturgent and a rag and water.
  • I'm sorry, but I was laughing so hard when I read this, the only advice I could think of was "I hope you like the colour blue."
  • #1. If this starts happening with you run an empty load in the clothes washer with aprox. 1 cup bleach. #2. every week run empty load in washer with 1-2 cups vinegar depending on the size of your clothes washer until problem is solved. (You may want to do this monthly) #3. Get a throw a way rag and 409, and wipe out the inside surfaces of your dryer. Empty the lint trap while you are here. #4. Wash your new darkly died jeans or whatever with 1-2 cups vinegar to keep them from bleeding again. (if its something else, wash whatever you have in the color that is staining your dryer with vinegar..For me it was my sheets)
  • Just had the same problem...didn't happen until I washed a load of pair of my daughter's was the problem...she says the blue dye even comes off on her legs if the pants get wet. So, I put an old white towel through the dryer to see if it was coming off on a new load...and after removing, while the dryer is still hot I took a cloth and wet it first, then wiped the inside of dryer. It does come off but you have to do it several times.

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