• One of the kitchen exits is opposite the laundry entrance and the two are out of line. It sends me insane!!!
  • It's way too big. About 5,000 sq. feet. Here it is
  • The fact that we don't have one..we rent. We'd love to own our own home and have a chance to be unhappy about something! :)
  • Right now, that fact that the sellers didn't disclose all sorts of plumbing issues and we are having to spend a lot of money to repair them. Other than that, I would just say that I like the layout of my kitchen, but I would like to update the kitchen and bathrooms (ok, I'm getting part of that wish right now.) The size is fine.
  • That we are not finished with the repairs and I can not move into it yet.
  • Ugh. The broken septic tank, the shoddy plumbing, and the fact that my mother in law has been gone for six months and we're STILL finding things she's broken! The day the closet collapsed (like, everything - shelves, clothing rack... everything) was quite entertaining.

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