• 9-4-2017 Starting from birth, a kid needs to learn how Mommy and Daddy treat each other. He needs to learn that there are rules, and he has a right to invoke those rules in his favor. He needs to learn how to act. That is to say there is more than one way to act mad, more than one way to act in any occasion, and he is responsible to choose the appropriate way to act. This is sometimes called "behave", and the kids understand perfectly when they say "I'm bein' have!" A kid should be given models at an early age, 5 or so, simple wooden models that require him to use a ruler but are easy to build - glue, not mechanical fasteners. You might notice that I strongly advocate an early start. That is because kids are smarter than you think they are, but the fingers are not as well developed as you wish they would be. So things still have to be age appropriate.
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