• I'd feel like I'd been taught a good lesson in life about how to keep my mouth closed more often then not.
  • I would feel happy for her being so lucky.
  • Not possible for me, I'm not qualified. Not probable for someone who is.
  • My sister in law was told in two out of three of her pregnancies, that she had spina bifida children. She was advised to abort, but, being RC, she did not. Just as well, because both children were fine. One is a ballerina.
  • I would wonder what sort of proof you originally had as the difference between a healthy fetus and that of a fetus developing some sort of prenatal disability is rather severe.
  • I would wonder why she took the test, because for getting information about the fetus, you have to take a test. And people who are morally against abortion, would never take this test.
  • I'd feel like the biggest dickhead in the world. So to avoid that, I would should my big mouth and not suggest such a dumbass thing.
  • wow i'm pretty happy that that person didn't take your advice. you prolly feel like a horrible person, right? besides, i don't think that physical disability (or any other disability for that matter) should be an excuse to abort your child. thats YOUR CHILD! my husband is physically disabled and i couldn't imagine my life without him. he is a wonderful man. he had a tough childhood, but he is a wonderful man and i couldn't imagine being with anyone else.
  • I am not against abortion , but I would not tell anyone to have one, I would tell them that it is a choice they have to make for themselves. If she was told by a doctor to abort for whatever reason I might advise she gets a second opinion before making her decision but that would be all.
  • I woudn't tell someone their baby was gonna be deformed unless I was a doctor or a god, or something so I would never tell someone to get an abortion if I didnt know. I would tell someone to go get an abortion if they were underage, had no income, got knocked up by some loser who would not support the kid and the mother and child would depend on taxpayers to support them. or if the child was a result of rape
  • I would certainly regret saying that earlier, and tell her so. Then, I would coo at the adorable new bundle of joy.
  • Not that I would ever say this (I NEVER WOULD as I am hard core pro-life), but if I ever did I would feel like a jackass. And whoever said that thing about telling someone with no income to abort, you're no different than a murderer yourself. There is adoption. Same with a rape child. That child didn't get to choose how it came into existence. And NO WOMAN has a right to punish a child for the mistake of a pig (man). If you can't live with the memory, just carry the kid to term and GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION. If you abort, you commit a worse crime on the most vulnerable among us. Murder is worse than rape, and there's NO EXCUSE for it.
  • Not even a health professional should tell a mother to get an abortion even if the baby has a chance to be born with a disability, it is her choice not the choice of the doctors. So I don't see why this would ever happen.
  • If you're close I'd say something..If not, think Id let it go. Im sure she thinks about it everytime she looks at the baby.
  • Shitty.
  • I'd never say that (a) because I'm against abortion except under very limited circumstances eg. woman with an ectopic pregnancy and (b) because I don't think it's my business to tell somebody that. But supposing I had, I would feel very foolish when the mother showed me her perfectly healthy baby and would apologise for ever suggesting the idea. I'd also think twice if the situation ever arose again.
  • I'm assuming this is a hypothetical situation judging by the comments etc... I think that it is a bad idea to tell anyone whether or not they should have an abortion, it's always up to them. I personally would not have an abortion just because of a disability. I would love my child no matter what and yes it may be harder work in certain situations. But a large proportion of people living with disabilities get on just fine leading their own lives. Where would the world be without those people? Anyway, going off point. I'd feel pretty embarassed and rather awkward. I'd probably apologise for what I'd suggested before and hope she was cool with it.

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