• Be sure your thermostat isn't the culprit. Some models you can set to lower at night and then the heat turns back on towards morning. If it is set to come on while you are still in 'Na Na Land' that may be the problem.
  • Hi angie- i read one study in night sweats and it cited stress, panic attacks. Other suspected causes included obesity, pregnancy, gastroesophageal reflux disease, sleep discomforts, and ambient temperature. Here it is. i hope this helps!
  • Not sure if it helps, but heres my story: Every night for a period of about 3 months after returning from 19 months travelling the globe, (last stop : 10days in Malaysia), I experienced the same symptoms. I did have a mild fever for the first 3 days, during which I had numerous blood tests. But the doctors found nothing wrong with me, saying it should pass. The sweating finally ebbed away after some months. I have assumed I picked up some rare virus/bacteria or something that hasnt killed anyone before (so no one's bothered to examine it in detail.) The fact that you are cold before bed makes me think its less likely stress related. Consider any unusual/out-of-character environments you might have been in before this all started.
  • I'm suffering from these night sweats to. They come and go and I could never explain them. They started again last week and reading these comments I may think it's down to stress( my mother passed away last week) however I cant remember if I was having anything sressfull the other times i have these sweats. The above link is pretty heavy however good info. I'll go with the stress just now and see how it goes. Thanks for the links and info
  • go to the doctors and get checked out

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