• What kind of sick twisted test is that?
  • I'd say, "Sure. As long as you know that you're going to have to get used to the head-games."
  • She knew what strings to pull on you. Your friends came first, she came second. Remember this. She got away with it this time, so be on the alert for future manipulations. You might think twice about continuing this relationship. she sounds devious.
  • Can we say, "Control Freak?"
  • No, it is not ok. She is manipulative and evil. Who in his/her right mind would do such a thing?! I would kick her out right then and there.
  • LOL ....Is it some kind of a joke or something .... better try to keep your priorities straight :-)
  • You shouldn't ever allow yourself to be manipulated and controlled by anybody. People who feel the need to test the other person in a relationship have serious self-worth problems. She needs help in working on her self-belief and confidence. You may be the person to give her that help but, on the other hand, you may decide that you would be happier out of the relationship.
  • No its not. Because "TRUE FRIENDSHIP" is hard to come by. And once you have them, you better keep them no matter what. If this ever happens again, where she tries playing one of these evil games. Here something you may consider on telling her. Just to see her response to the matter. Go alone with part of her manipulative behavior by stating. Ok so you want me to leave my friends. Well if your my so called girlfriend & as the old saying goes. Girls go first. I guess you better start packing. And then see if she takes you up on it. If so you never lost anything to begin with. Don't let anyone other than a parent control your life. Nor do you try and control theirs. Just my point of view tho, for the choice of the matter is yours to make...Good Luck.........M.C.S.
  • She must be really obsessed with you.
  • Kick her to the curb she is just a pain in the ass spare your self dude.
  • Ewe, no. She is playing games. Wants to see how far she can push you, how much she can control you. Get rid of her now.
  • No,it's not ok.I would tell her to #@$% off!
  • Nope, not even close to being okay. Sounds very childish. You can do better.
  • No, what she did to you just isnt right. You guys, you need your friends, and a good girlfriend, would never ask her guy to give up his buddies. I always tell Robert, that if he needs to go out with the guys, then go, he knows who he comes home to,and i never tell him ever what he can and cannot do, that just isnt right. A real relationship dosent have to worry about one person controlling the other, it should be a bit about the both of you giving each other the room you need to do what you want, but still be committed to one another.Its a 50-50 thing,and when that kind of thing starts, you need to tell her, that what she did isnt right, it be like telling her that she needs to leave all of her friends, and just be with you. See how well you get a reaction out of that!
  • This girlfriend of yours has issues. No, it is not right for her to play games with your head. You need to set her straight, she'll have more respect for you in the end if you do. And remember your friends will be there when you need them, don't jeopardize your friendship with them because of her, you'll regret it later. She needs to understand she is apart of your life, and you care about her, but she is not your whole life.
  • seems like you are dating a teenager and she's becoming aware of her powers over men and you.
  • long as it was just a test than I guess that makes it ok.
  • That is absolutely NOT ok. Especially since it sounds like she really put you through the emotional wringer over it. She may have "trust" issues (I read some of your comments to other answers), but this is no way to work through them. Personally, I do not like people who "test" me whether they be friends or a boyfriend. It's a deal breaker for me. It's controlling, manipulative, and just plain wrong. I assume you set the record straight, but would advise you to not continue to put up with this kind of stuff no matter how much you care about her. If she does it again and you really can't or don't want to end the relationship. . .it's time for her to get some counseling to work on her issues.
  • Did you ask her to do the same? I think not... You have to be a young & inexperienced, to put up and go through drama like me, when you've had enough you'll realize how pathetic and sick this chick is...regardless if she's hot. You'll realize one thing: she ain't worth it.
  • it's not okay. probably means something deeper like serious trust issues, but it was manipulative and dirty, and regardless of problems she had no place to ask something like that of you. it shows poor character. not to mention it caused a lot of [even more than] unnecessary drama. i hope she has some redeeming qualities because any girl that did that to my guy friends and told me about it, i'd suggest he dump her.
  • She either has serious self esteem issues, or she was testing you!

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