• I actually had someone yesterday at Easter ask me if I spoil my 5 mo daughter because she wasn't used to all the noise and couldn't calm down enough to sleep for more then a half hour. Besides the fact that you can't spoil a 5 mo, I wouldn't take advice from a mother who's only child is now in recovery. My response would be a VERY sarcastic 'Oh, yeah?'
  • I would be offended and probably hurt. After the initial scock wore off, I would probably get pretty loud and rude. I hate anybody critizing me as a parent. I am so very sorry if this happened to you.
  • have had it happen, my advice for them is this: you take care of your childlen and I'll take care of mine, after all I'm the one who working and paying for myself and them you are not, therefor its none of your business. Kinda of like my grandfather use to say, a person should sweep in front of their own door before they worry about how others are sweeps their poachs. then turn walk away, they are just not worth my time any more, cause you can't argue with these kind of people, they are so sure they are right you are wrong.
  • Preface: I am not saying anyone of you actually doesn't discipline your children properly, nor am I saying that you are bad parents, nor am I suggesting that you should change anything. That said, I have seen some parents who think that their child is beyond reproach, and then get angry if anyone else even suggests something in the area of discipline, education, et cetera. I have also seen parents who do their thing, thinking it is completely right, when in fact they are completely off-base, and to them their children appear 'extremely well-behaved' and have 'wonderful attitudes' when in fact the child does not. Now, when you say 'barge in' you mean to say that they physically knock down your door, walk up to the bed while you are reading them a story, and tell you that you are completely off-base? Or, did you perhaps over react to a comment in passing at a grocery? If indeed someone did break into (or barge in, as you put it) your house, and told you not to give your kids that extra five minutes of TV time, that is one thing. However, if it were the more logical choice, and I were in a laundromat (for example) and the kids were running about, making a scene, being disruptive, and I mentioned something to the parent, and the parent told me to mind my own business because her children are 'extremely well-behaved' and 'have a wonderful attitude' (as some parents tend to believe), then perhaps that was a good time to intervene. Just because you think your children are angels doesn't mean that they are. Just because you, as a parent, cannot see anything wrong with what you are doing, doesn't make it right. Remember, evil people don't tend to see what they are doing as wrong either. Both are matters of perspective.
  • Tell them to bugger off and leave us alone. Children are people and like a lot of grown ups they have their good days and their bad days. Funny that when a grown man throws a hissy fit we can find all kinds of excuses for him, but when a seven year old does it, then it is an undisciplined child and bad parenting. My babies had their bratty days and I often felt that I could have used a lump of wood, and then there were the days when they couldn't have put a foot wrong if they tried, both got along with themselves, each other and the rest of the world. Most days were in between. Gee, does that sound like ordinary people?
  • i'd get defensive unless they could prove to me that my children were completely out of hand and just playing a show for me. but i'd definitely put on the mama bear attitude - i already get like that when people tell me my sisters are spoiled. i'm defensive to an extreme with my family
  • I would "feel" they were out of line...and ignore them. Someone is always trying to play the expert and usually they are the least experienced or qualified to give advice.
  • You have to have tough skin when your a parent. There will always be someone who thinks your doing it wrong. Make like a duck and let it roll off your back.
  • I deal with it every day. I tell them to fuck themselves because as long as my baby's doctor says I'm right and the people at my local WIC office say I'm doing right, everyone else can just kiss my fat stretch-marked ass.
  • I would tell this someone to mind their own business and tell them I am not having the conversation with them at all. It is not their business. Unless the children are infringing on this barge type persons life, then really, they can talk to the hand.
  • First of all, I would listen to what they have to say and completely hear them out. If this is a personal friend or family member then sit down and ask them specific questions to find out what exactly they have a problem with. If this is a random stranger then by all means give them some level of respect (enough to hear what they have to say) and take it with a grain of salt. Either way, consider your source and what it is they have to say. If the child is actually putting themselves or someone else in danger or if they are flat out being disrespectful then that is one thing. If they are, for example, running around a play ground (assuming well supervised) and laughing and screaming out loud and the other person is simply annoyed b/c they think children should be seen and not heard, that's another thing. So long as you have set hard and fast rules, never wavering on the consequences to rule breakage, and the children are otherwise following the rules that you have set, the other person probably needs to be told to mind their own business or simply say "thank you for your advice..." Whatever you decide, I would always hear someone out b/c, afterall, you never know if they may make a point about something you didnt think of beforehand and, of course, the child's wellbeing is first and foremost the most important issue here. Hope all goes well!
  • I'd tell them to mind their own business, and say "You bring you kids up your way, and I'll bring up my kids the way I feel is right, Back off." Don't take their crap on board.
  • I would say well if you would like to take care of all of their financial, emotional, physical, mental, educational needs then be my guest. Until then I think I have it under control.
  • I'd just hand them a sign that says, "I'm stupid."
  • you and that person have a difference of opinion and should both be in jail or pay a fine... just kidding you a free to hold your beliefs i bet your kids are great
  • Screw that person! If you are happy and your kids are good kids then your doing your job as a parent and you dont need anyones opinion or approval.
  • I say do what works for you and tell others to piss off! There are way too many people who think their way is the only way. I say if it works, leave it alone. When I had my first child everyone told me what to do and looking back, I did all the wrong things, when I had my second child (18 yrs later) I did it my way and what a huge difference. You know those people who say "dont pick them up as soon as they cry you will spoil them!" well, that in my opinion is garbage, so I picked my child up everytime she was distressed and I have a very secure, happy outgoing child as opposed to the introverted, unhappy older one who was not picked up when she cried because that was taboo. So... you do what makes you feel right as the parent and tell others to just mind their own business, what works for one doesnt work for all, we are all individuals.
  • I am always offended when someone questions my parenting skills. I don't need someone else putting doubt in my head, I am constantly double guessing myself. ("Is this working..this is not working...oh that went well!") The fact of the matter is, is that people are all different and we chose a parenting style that works for us as individuals. We are simply using different methods to solve the same problems. Perhaps the style we choose is like 50% of the other parents out there, and our kids turn out alright. The other 50% of parents are using a different parenting techniques to care for their children, and most likely these kids will also be wonderful children/people. Summing it up, "Different strokes, for different folks!"
  • Tell them to leave you alone

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