• If only they could I for one would be happier.
  • I'm all for it! The questions are mostly rhetorical anyway, as one party is never going to convince the other and vice-versa.
  • I'm with you John, points for trying to keep the peace... though having the name (JohnThePyro is the Anti-Christ) may not give the impression that you really want peace... the question is a great start!
  • I'm all in favor of the questions that genuinely seek information about different belief systems and philosophies, but I'm with you, John, the acrimony is ridiculous.
  • Before you can have peace, you have to make peace with conflict -- i.e. you have to appreciate conflict for what it is and where it comes from. There's nothing "wrong" with conflict, it's a byproduct of the way we think about ourselves and others and the we relate to concepts and views, etc. To make conflict the enemy is to just do more of the same at the next level of abstraction: "oh no, we're fighting, we shouldn't fight! Lets fight against fighting! Join the Anti-Fight Club!", etc. As long as human beings are prone to identify with their viewpoints, groups, desires, and beliefs, there will be conflict. To make peace with that leaves us with a choice: how should I respond to the current situation at this moment? That's all I ever really have any control over.
  • much agreed! i truly hope there is a way for these two groups to civilly debate rather than make both their sides look like fools. they do neither side of the debate any favors with their actions.
  • Peace. I'm neither. I don't know why people get enveloped in other people's religious beliefs. Live and let live.
  • Neverrrrrr! lol
  • I don't think you are going to get your wish. The truth is that the majority of atheists and theists are chilled out people who enjoy debating. However, they get drowned out by the louder ones. The louder ones are only interested in being right and feeling as if they are superior. They think most people are below them. I say leave them to it and we'll all go frolic in the fields, have philosophical debates and eat ice-cream together.
  • I think us rational people of both sides may one day quit fighting like children, but I think it would be naive to think the extremists of either side will so accept that there is an unbreakable faux pas between the two equally immovable ideologies.
  • Im not anti-atheist, as it is an individuals choice in what they believe. Still, if someone has a question, then I will answer it. It may not be what they wanted to hear, but then they could ask the question to a specific group. I won't comment on anti-religion, as I may confuse some with my answer. Still, peace is good too. But I will answer questions I feel inclined to answer, as well as ask ones that I wonder on.
  • Which is higher, Truth or Peace? Can there be true peace while there is yet no meeting of the minds? Is anyone getting converted? Is anyone learning anything?
  • Well no, actually. That's not such a great idea. Peace isn't whole when it's purchased at the price of the truth. It is true that people cross the line frequently in these debates -- passions run high. But that's what it means to be *alive*, at least in part -- to be alive is to be passionate, to care, to put yourself at risk for something you think is worthwhile. Both sides in this debate do that regularly, and you can't really say it doesn't result in anything worthwhile because the adjustments in attitude and viewpoint take place over long periods, not in the middle of the argument. This is what "the quest for truth" looks like. It isn't pretty, quite frequently. But those who care will keep banging away, and that's as it should be.
  • Like that will happen? Good question though +5

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