• If it worked once or twice and it felt good why not?
  • They have a problem changing what works even when it works only temporary.
  • Because we get into a comfort zone and we enjoy and are comforted by what is familiar. It's much harder to force ourselves to go outside our comfort zone and do something different.
  • because we have the brain capacity to understand and repeat the things that make us feel good/safe/happy etc. things as little as chewing your nails when you are nervous are stored in your brain so when the time comes and you get nervous, the only calming action your brain knows is to start biting. its basically the same for other habits too
  • because we're lazy and we like what works for us.
  • Evolution. If something works, do it again and again. Experiments are expensive in terms of survival.
    • mushroom
      Most animals will keep returning to the place where they last found food, shelter and so forth, and will try to get back repeatedly if it is blocked. The question is how long their memory lasts. There was a bird acting "passionately" towards my car mirror. Of course, it left behind it's "reminder" on the side of the car. The next day, it did the same thing. I put a plastic bag over the mirror, and later found the bag on the floor and the bird back to its old tricks. I secured the bag with a rubber band, and again, bag on the floor, rubber band snapped apart. I tried two rubber bands, same thing! Finally, I found the answer: the bird couldn't count to three. True story.

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