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  • It really depends on the offense and sometimes the offender. These two things are what determines my response.
  • Depends, but I would always forgive sooner or later. I dont hold a grudges.
  • I am offended when people are blantantly ignorant or inconsiderate of the people around them. Like people making fat jokes when someone of larger size is around or black jokes, whatever. I usually get over it pretty quickly, lifes too short to be holding a grudge, i got better things to do with my time and energy :)
  • Forgive for something they did? It's not going to happen unless they themselves apologize for their own actions.
  • I usually try to find a reason why they did or said what they did, and if I do so, I'll usually accept it and forgive them. But if I can't find a reason, I'm usually pretty hurt. How hard I try to find a reason depends a lot on how much I like the person though. So if it's some stupid idiot who I don't care much for already, I can find it pretty hard to justify what they did
  • very little offends me however if somebody did I would bring it to their attention straight away as I would expect someone to do the same if I offended them. My views can be quite offensive to some in this diverse world but they are my views and thats that. I dont set out to offend shouldnt punish someone for their views but you can try to change somebodys views by offering up your views and opinions. if you cant change their views then you have to accept the fact that you have different views and move on. Whats the point in falling out over it
  • I don't impose a punishment. Holding onto hurt feelings only festers and makes you miserable, IMO. I don't need an apology to offer up forgiveness, but it's always nice. In many ways, forgiveness is selfish in that you are freeing yourself of the misery.
  • Most of the time I usually offer up forgiveness. There is however one situation in which I will never forgive the offenders of their transgression. At least that is how I feel right now. Maybe one day I will learn to forgive them. I am talking of course about the three sick animals who severely beat and raped the only person outside of my mother who ever truly loved me unconditionally outside of my mom eventually resulting in her death a few weeks later from injuries she sustained in that savage attack. At this stage in my life I don't want to offer up forgiveness. Especially since they got alot less severe punishment for their sick acts than they should have simply because some bleeding heart liberal judge and jury bought their bullshit about having had haed lives and being under the influence of drugs at the time they comitted their crimes.
  • I agree with some of the others. But forgivness is usally the best thing. Think how better you would be if you forgave somone.
  • Basically I'm responsible for how I feel, so I'd forgive myself for feeling offended then move on from it :)
  • Neither. I just never have anything to do with that individual again.
  • I hold grudges, can't help it. I also don't forgive, and never forget. Someone does me wrong then they never have another chance. You have 1 and only 1 chance with me, it kind of sucks but I can't change.
  • It depends on who it is.Sometimes I just don't care enough to do anything about it:)
  • I am more of a forgiver type person. As long as I know the person is giving me a heartfelt apology...and not just to appease me and then do it again.
  • I do offer forgiveness, even if the offense is so great that I would never be 'friends' with the person. It is to my advantage to release that person and myself from carrying negative feelings about an event or statement. It is not my job to impose punishment, nor would it help me (or the other person) learn anything.
  • Anymore, usually I just pretend I didn't hear it. If it is repeated, I quickly change the subject, or "I heard you the first time."
  • i forgive my family members ... rest of the world should be punished whatever the case maybe!!!
  • try an forgive i know its hard but if your mean to the person that offended you your not any better than him, an it never ends. try a little kindness you might get it in return.
  • If I didn't care about the offense, then it would only be a minor annoyance and not worth either. If it WAS something offensive to me, I would find some way to punish them, even if it was just to ignore them from then on.
  • Neither..I dump 'em! :)
  • i curl up in the fetal position and cry myself to sleep
  • it takes a great deal to offend me so in all honesty i probably approach them and try to work out whatever the conflict is. if there's no resolution it seems i probably jst blow it off - indifference i guess
  • Forgiveness with smile is the most humanistic revenge.
  • I have forgiven the offender but it is most unlikely that someone would ever ask me for forgiveness.
  • If it happens a couple times, I try to ignore it... but if it happens all the time, that person and I just don't click and I don't like them and try to avoid them and write them off.

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