• Hummmm...I'm all for the "if it doesn't come back", it was sleeping with someone else!
  • Yes, I do believe that statement. I've set many free but I ended up having to beat them off. {no pun intended}
  • Is that the song by Sting you are referencing? I dig that tune.
  • No I do not
  • Only if you truly believe that you're not good for that person, but then again, if you loved them, and you knew you weren't good for them, you would let them go without being told that phrase. If you're being told that, then chances are you don't love them like you think you might, OR, they're just pulling that out of their ass so YOU can do the hard part, and break up with them so they don't have it on their conscience. I don't know. Good luck.
  • You ask the best questions. and yes. if they love you they will come back to you And if they don't they didn't love you and it's still OK.
  • Absolutely, the idea behind this is not to shove them away, it is not to smother them. Our greatest gift aside from life is the ability to choose. Feeling obligated to love someone is contrary to that gift. To love you must do so freely for it to be true, and to be must come freely aswell. Be good to eachother :)
  • Yeah I do kind of. Yeah.
  • Is that similar to "If you love something let it go and if it doesn't come back hunt it down and kill it?"
  • Yes. you cant force someone to love you.My first love i thought was "worth fighting for" but ive come to the believe that only God will never leave nor forsake me.If they want to go then they are't the first to leave me.Things happen.
  • If they want to go . . . then you have no choice. It's kind of a strange saying, because you can't keep someone that doesn't want to stay.
  • And if he/she comes back...he/she's meant for you. I don't really believe in this saying because for me If you really that someone you're willing to fight for him/her.
  • Sort of. But no one belongs to anyone. You kind of let go of the attachment you have to that person...not the person persay.
  • yes, i was with a man with m.s and we were together 7yrs, he got really poorly in the end and didnt want me or the children watch him get worse, so made us leave, he has since passed away and though i missed him i knew he had pushed us away out of love.
  • Yes. Have you ever tried to hold water in your hand? The tighter you hold the less water remains. If your grip is loose, you are able to hold more. The same with love. "Letting someone go" can mean just not holding on so tightly. Sometimes, if we are willing to just step back, it allows the other person to step forward.
  • Not if they're hanging over a cliff.
  • Definitely. if you are holding onto someone for your own selfish reasons and stopping them from developement then if you genuinely love someone then you may need to let them go
  • To me, this saying is all about allowing someone to be themselves. How can you even know you really want to be with them, if you don't know who they really are? Are you in love with the real person, or merely a projection you have created? Would you mold someone to be your perfect love? That's not really possible, but you can sure complicate things, if you are trying. When you free someone to choose for themselves, you can be secure in the knowledge that what you have is the real thing. Anything else isn't worth keeping, anyway. JMHO.
  • Yes I do, but within reason. Like i'm not gonna be letting anyone I love walk out of my life without a hell of a fight but I won't be strangling them every minute they're with me either. I'll let them go their own way because I know they'll come back and if by some chance they don't ~ well we'd both be better off that I let them go. Either way, we both win :)
  • No, but Sting does.
  • Meh, only if you have to. You know what I mean? Don't force the issue. I mean, I believe that everyone in a relationship should have a lot of freedom, so I guess for me it would sort of be a constant thing.

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