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  • first of all, you're not going to change what her mother thinks. but if you care for her the same way you say you do, you continue to treat her with the uttermost respect, make her happy, and sooner or later her mother will realize her daughter is happy and looks aren't everything. good luck. i'm sorry:(
  • Unfortunately there's no proactive solution, as she's the parent. You're stuck seeing her in secret until she's old enough to leave or you'll have to move on. However, if she's really getting beaten then get evidence. Take pictures or get video. If your girlfriend is willing to help, maybe she can wear a microphone and record it. It may sound silly, but if you can get evidence that she's hurting her daughter you can get the government on your side and her out the picture.
  • If mom's really beating the hell out of her, that's abuse, pure and simple. Have her talk to the school counselor. Treat her right. It's probably only a couple of years before she can get out of the house. Maybe Mom will come around, but don't count on that. Good luck. ;-)
  • this is when you get child services involved. if she's beating her daughter, its abuse. and especially if it's over something like this, who knows what else is going on in that house. seriously though, i would get the police involved. but talk to your girl. she may think thats the worst thing to do cuz she's IN the situation, but being a completely outside source (me), this is really messed up and something has to be done about it. thats my honest opinion...
  • she is 16, shes old enough to make her own decisions. if her mom hurts her, then call the cops or somthing.. or the people who deal with child abuse.. ask your girlfriend what she wants.. has she got other family she could stay with? a dad? grandparents? anyone who could help. good luck
  • Unfortunately there is not much you can do. BUT if her mom really is beating the hell out of her you really need to tell someone. NO ONE deserves that. +3
  • if her mom beats her then you need to call the cops. what doesn't she like about how you look? is it geneticaly how you look or how you choose to present yourself. you can not dress like a thug and expect people not to assess you as such.
  • okay dude, i know what you're saying. FIND A WAY AROUND IT!!!!! it's the truth too... =P
  • call the cops or just tell your dad mabye will the only important thing is call the cops and said my mom is a rudegirl shes dont let me hang out with my girlfriend it just what i look like and she so mean to me it like im burning from death so but dont make her undderested okay that is not cool. so good luck but you might have to remember all that or make some up o its cool to call the cops one time i got yell from a prank call in the cops hahahahahaha. so cop/or/ make herfell better.
  • If you care about her that much, change your look. I would.
  • You have a choice to change how you look. Life is full of choices we need to make that we don't like in order to be acceptable in the workplace, in public, to our friends (usually clothing and grooming) and to society in general. These need to be made if we want to live in harmony with others and to be able to make a living. If the beatings are occuring, your girl friend needs protection if she wants it. Call child abuse or the police if she is willing. She is old enough to do that herself if she wants to.
  • IF you actually LOVE this girl ; why not go to the mother and ask her to TALK with you ? Ask her what YOu can do to make yourself more accepting in her eyes .... then ; DO IT !! That is IF you realy do love this girl. +5
  • Maybe change the way you look. If she really means a lot to you, and you've tried everything else, then that might be the only way. But seriously tell someone about her getting beaten up!!
  • Don't Change Your Look!! Your Girl Obviously Loves You For Who You Are. What You Should Do Is Try And Talk To Her Mom To Show Her What A Nice Guy You Are, And She Will See That You Aren't So Bad. Also Tell Her To Stop Abusing Her Own Daughter. That Is Just Wrong.
  • if her mom is beating her call the police or cps on her mom and then you wont have to deal with her

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