• I'm always doing work for elderly people and not wanting payment, I hope when I'm old someone may do the same for me.
  • when my cocker passed away.. i believe that when you lose one you save one. which we did. and we call him eddy.. poor guy had been in a shelter 5 months
  • I helped an old man, who fell off his bicycle, to get up off the street.
  • I've done many things. I've volunteered to help people. I've cleaned up after flood damage. I've donated things. I driven people for health care. I taken care of homes and animals. Can't single anything out.
  • Answering silly questions on AB! Jack
  • I stopped and helped an elderly man change his flat tire.
  • I let someone cut in front of me on the Southern State Pkwy on my way to work once.
  • on my way home from work one night i gave a stranger that was walking down the highway a ride 30 mile out of my way just so that he did have to walk so far. but i seems that every time i need a ride like that nobody will stop and give me a ride when they are going that way. one time i had to walk 18 miles from where my truck broke down to my house at 3am.
  • Last week, I witnessed a bad accident with two ladies, one about twenty and the other was about 80. I helped them with the usual, keep them calm, stay seated, dont move, Blah blah blah. To them it was an act of kindess, they kept thanking me, I think it is what anyone would do.
  • There was a woman who ran out of gas at a busy intersection. Everyone just kept going and noone was helping her. Naturally I stopped to see what the problem was (it wasn't safe for her to be there). I walked to a gas station with a jug and bought gas for her, poured it into her tank and sent her on her way. She seemed vey much like someone who had made a lot of bad decisions in life. For the record she was much older and very unattractive.
  • I volunteer at the food bank distributing food to needy people in the county every month. I jumped into the river during a winter flood to save a cat who was frantically trying to get out but kept getting swept downstream by large chunks of ice. I looked for his owner for several weeks but couldn't find anyone who knew who he belonged to so he now lives with me.
  • I try to do do at least one a day to people that are complete strangers. However if it starts to feel like trouble I let my fists do the talking. Over the past year I've helped at least 40 to 45 people a month in some way, loading groceries they can't lift, mowing lawns and just charging a glass of water and a thank you. There are alot of people out there that are thankful for any help. A Person can't be kind to everyone though. Too many others that want to use you just to get into your house to steal whatever isn't nailed down.
  • I sent my sweet friend I met online, who I have never met face to face, a check to help pay for gas for her trip across the country.
  • One thing we did was take in 3 cats that belonged to a woman that had terminal cancer.
  • Every Thursday I donate my time and effort to a food bank. The bishop drives the truck to a large center that collects food, inspects it, and distributes it to local food banks. I am the guy who loads the truck at the distribution center, then unloads it at our food bank ... a kind way to get my weight lifting exercise for the week.
  • Had my head shaved and donated my hair.
  • Helped look after a animal shelter when it was having a rough time and donated money too it.

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