• I don't think you can have a credit card before you're 18, so if he's using her SS# I don't know how he could a card with it. That's why the site only has it listed until 1990.
  • You would not have a legitimate credit report before 18 as that is the legitimate age to obtain credit cards and any other form of credit. It is usual for a minor to be put on a parents credit card.. Identity theft is a major business and many people are using others names and details to obtain fraudulant credit.
  • Contact the credit reporting agencies directly.
  • My Dad did that, and I believe he had this intention since I was born, having named me the same name. You don't check your Daughters credit report, you check the Dad's credit report. Most likely, he has Savings Accounts setup too, to hid them from divorce. My Dad did that, and I found them. So, with a court order, I was able to withdraw ALL of them, and I got $80,000. A simple way too, is to got to every local bank that the Dad would possibly go, and walk in and ask, "I would to see if I have an account here..." and gave the SS#. Eiother way, even if the name is not correct to the SS#, and they keep from you closing the account, it will be investigated, since your daugter can proof that is her number. I have since had the attachment to the end of my credit report to look for fraud.
  • A minor cannot have credit cards. A company would have to be in jeopardy financially and liable, if they were allowed to open credit accounts for minors.

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