• None, what's the point of killing anyway? How are you going to prove a point to a dead person? Pointless, if you ask me.
  • Based solely on specific circumstances. Sorry but I'm unable to be more specific than that. Great question though.
  • I don't believe in killing unless it's the only way to protect yourself or your family.
  • only in self defense in a situation where you are going to die if you dont do something
  • If you are killing to protect your country from invaders, your family from certain death or for food ( of the non human variety) I say it is acceptable, killing someone who killed another only takes the burden off of our prison systems but does not fix what they have done.
  • Self Defense is always acceptable.
  • I don't believe in taking a life
  • ok: self defence, defence of friends,family,BF/GF/Spouse(technically family)ONLY if all other options were exhausted(tho in split second reaction, you gotta do whatcha gotta do). not ok-everything minus what's listen above.
  • I do not believe in capitol punishment. I believe in peace. I could kill to save myself or others in danger of losing their life.
  • Self defense of myself or one of my children would be the only acceptable case - If I PERSONALLY had to decide this. I am, however, a proponent of the death penalty when special circumstances are present. For example, someone who kills multiple times, kills a child, a pregnant woman, or law enforcement, because I don't feel we should have to pay for their lifelong incarceration. As a mother-in-law of a young man in Iraq, I will also say that in wartime, if a soldier is presented with the choice of kill or BE killed, then it's necessary. Our soldiers don't get to really choose, they have their orders and must abide by them. Hopefully some day, our world WILL be at peace, but until then, war will happen, and yes, war is hell.
  • If someone is trying to kill me i am not going to let them i will defend myself and those i love and care about my family.
  • You can kill to defend yourself or someone in which murder is the only way to save them.You can kill to defend what is accepted as a vaild cause such as defense for country.You may also kill if deem to be carried out by the court system.In very rare cases, some,but very few,mercy killings are acceptable.Any other sceenairo is completely unacceptable and should be punished.
  • killing another person is difficult to decifer as when you are in a war zone its kill or be killed but on the streets it is totally unacceptable to kill another human being
  • I would killl in self defense, To protect my loved ones or even a stranger who was being assaulted/raped or robbed. If you brandish a weapon at me or any other innocent bystander I am not going to try and analyze your motives or intentions. I will give you one chance to drop it and if you refuse its a double tap to the chest and one to the head. Sorry I was in law enforcement at one time, It made sense then and it makes sense now.

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