• I am not sure who Daria is but some sarcasm can be attractive. Some can be a put off too. :)
  • not at all
  • When done correctly yes --- vicious, mean, or pointless is absurd.
  • Indeed, the English word “sarcasm” is derived from a Greek verb that literally means “to tear flesh like dogs.” (Compare Galatians 5:15.) Just as a dog uses his sharp incisor teeth to tear flesh off a bone, a sarcastic person can strip another of his dignity. As the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography says: “The core of sarcasm . . . is open hostility or contempt.” It matters little if it’s a direct attack, a subtle put-down, or a slip of the tongue. An unkind, sarcastic remark makes someone an object of derision—a victim.
  • Only if it's a Brit being sarcastic. Everyone else sounds like a twit doing it.
    • mushroom
      Well, I'll tell you one thing: they may have a smug attitude, but their cooking stinks. When was the last time you went to a restaurant for its authentic British cuisine?
  • Well, in psychology, it is considered a fact that funny people are much more attractive than others. And sarcastic people are often funny too, because they know the art of making creative sentences, which are often humorous. So, I think sarcasm IS attractive, but not too much. I don`t like much sarcasm, I believe in simplicity. I must say this, I AM a bit sarcastic. Just not on Answerbag.
  • I find it amusing!
  • Fun when done cleverly!
  • not at all
  • No not at all. Sarcasm does not come from a happy place, or it doesn't sound happy to me.
  • Not sure Daria is but sarcasm and me really don't mix too well. However I am used to it by now.
  • Don Rickles was well-known and admired for his sarcasm. Sarcasm is an art - you have to know when to do it and who you're dealing with. I use sarcasm often and I have fun with it.
  • Oh, sure. Super attractive. And yeah - I thought Daria was a great cartoon. I was amazed that MTV could produce - and would air - such a well-done cartoon.
  • not at all
  • I hope so. Maybe I can become a centerfold model.

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