• Psalm 11:5 clearly explains Gods view of violence. However, it has become socially acceptable to display images of violence everywhere, it is virtually unavoidable. Commercials during G and PG rated programs show images of sinister acts of violence. It’s sad.
    • AskingForaFriend
      I don't understand your answer. Are you saying that believing in God is generally socially acceptable but shouldn't be? Because that I could agree with
    • Linda Joy
      She said "However, it has become socially acceptable to display images of violence everywhere," Are you saying it shouldn't be socially acceptable to believe in God?
    • AskingForaFriend
      From my phone there was only the first five words showing, so I didn't see the comment completely and was confused. It does make sense while viewing from a computer. It is true that I have zero respect for religious beliefs. But, It's not my intention to be rude to nice people. I agree that violence sucks.
  • people that sleep around
  • making fun of or bullying people who are 'dumb', 'fat' or 'ugly'. For some people tolerance still hasn't caught up. Oh and I'll add to that people who insult others because of their religion or political beliefs. I'm not talking about a difference of opinion or debating issues. We learn from that. I'm talking about insulting the person for their beliefs.
  • Answer a cell phone at the dinner table with family and/or friends. Showing more interest in your device than live company.
  • Asking for a friend. If they're not willing to step forward and ask themselves then get yourself out of the equation as you make it worse for both of us.
  • Not always good for you fast food.
  • when people blow their nose in public, i think its disgusting and they should do it in the bathrm
      Dripping noses often don't wait for bathrooms to be handy!
  • Burp in public. The basic idea of manners is to make socializing a pleasant experience.
  • Ha! Don't get me started! * OK, I will start, with foul language on television and so-called family movies.
  • Some people play like a silent cloud when among others in public and turn out to be a psychological bully by being manipulative, forcing views, arguing with a raised tone of voice which can lead to aggressive behaviour and causing stress on those who are vulnerable. Unfortunately those things really happen in public places which should not be accepted.

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