• No but is it true?
  • NO their not! They will make The Hobbit part 1 and part 2 for 2010 and 2011.
  • No ...I have not heard that :-)
  • I hear the working title is "Gullible".
  • If you mean The Hobbit.. which is the PRELUDE to Lord of the rings.. there are efforts to get that done, but there were lots of probs in getting the project off the ground. Peter Jackson wanted to do the project originally, but now does not... unless he changed his mind again.
  • i thought that they distroyed the ring which caused the end othe the movie
  • Lord of the Rings is based on a TRILOGY of books. There is no part 4 in a trilogy. If there is another movie, it will likely be The Hobbit, which is a prologue to LOTR and tells the story of how Bilbo met Gandalf when he was younger and claimed the Ring from Gollum. Either that or there will be a movie based on one of JRR Tolkien's other books set in Middle Earth, like the Silmarillion or something, but The Hobbit is the most famous, so they will most likely use that.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please, no more of those god awful movies... Honestly, they make no sense to me. I've never had the patience to sit through a full one, because they're sooo long & nothing exciting ever happens. Please dont kill our brain cells with another one!
  • They're planning on making The Hobbit, which is a prologue to The Lord of the Rings series.
  • yes they are! They will be making The hobbit soon, and make a second movie (name still unknown at this stage) which will explain the story and time frame that happened between the Hobbit and the fellowship of the ring. In regards to scripting, a lot will be taken from the books by the scripters, both of which are huge fans of the stories that are from tolkien. for those that dont know that would be peter jackson and fran walsh.

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