• She has a boyfriend, not a good thing for you to have done :-(
  • I agree with Rince and it's not you who is leading her on. It seems to me that she may be leading you on.
  • She's texting you, not the other way around...and unless you're friends with the boyfriend, she's fair game. You can't really control someone else's actions, no matter how grimey they are. Remember - what she does to him could easily be done to you, though, if you were to take this flirtation seriously. Just some food for thought... (let the negative ratings begin!!)
  • Hey, you can do whatever you want.....just, ya know, be prepared for consequences.
  • Just remember what goes around comes around, if she is willing to cheat with you then she is willing to cheat on you.
  • Sure you are allowed to. You have free will in this life. However, do you want the kind of girl who would do that to her boyfriend? Unless you are looking for a fling she isn't going to be what I would exactly call faithful.
  • it was wrong to have kissed her but then she probably kissed you back and wanted a bit of fun or experience and not taking your feelings into consideration. text her back if you want but be careful, she may be leading you on and to her this is just fun. and if she ends up wanting to be with you in the end will she cheat on you?

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