• What I would do, is either make tea or warm milk and relax. You don't want to walk in there and seem unconfident. Tell yourself that this is not the end of the world! Just remember not to panic! I wish you the best of luck :)
  • Why are they doing that hon? What happened? Could you elaborate? If you really want the job & need it, tell them your so so very sorry & it will never happen again or everyone makes mistakes please give me another chance!
  • If this is redundancy, simply be calm outwardly, listen to all that they say, and check that the package offered is acceptable. If you're being fired, know your rights to have or not have a witness and take a witness. Again stay calm. If the dismissal is unfair this will go in your favour in any action afterwards. Under no circumstances become abusive, or hit anyone. Leave your gun in the car
  • Everything will work out for you Zubradevine and it always helps to vent to people that you know in a sense. You seem to have a great personality and it will not be difficult overcoming the nervousness that you have.
  • Difficult to give an answer until you tell us all the facts of your situation.
  • Stand proud. If the outcome is bad, don't make a scene and don't let them know they've upset you/pissed you off. If there is a good reason why they are considering firing you, you must have done a lot of thinking about how this can be rectified. Good luck!
  • I'm sorry. Take a deep breath. Prepare what you want to communicate to your employer ahead of time: make it concise and keep the emotion out of it (hard, but a must). Do not get defensive--try something along these lines. . . I understand and respect your point of view, but I feel that I am a valuable employee and hope that you have considered that. . .etc. I hate to rush through an answer like this, but I know you don't have much time until your meeting and I don't know the details of why you might be terminated. Good luck, we'll be rooting for you.
  • I read your comment to lizizhere and I think it is wrong of them to want to fire you just because of some illnesses (actually couldn't that be considered discrimination?). At any rate, I would go in and tell them why you are a valuable employee and what you will do to help the company regardless of your illness. Show them that your illnesses won't affect your job performance (assuming here that they won't. If they will that could be a whole nother story). I wish you the best and hope it all turns out in your favor. Let us know how it goes.
  • Stay calm and please don't cry. Hear what they have to say. Tell them nicely what you have to say. If you dont like what they say and feel its wrong then go to your city labor board.
  • Thank you everyone for your words of support, and the advice on the discrimination, i have to have another meeting to find out the income of this one, but thank you everyone, i went in there with a calm professional attitude, and i felt alot more confident than i did a few hours ago! So thanks again
  • yes, stay calm babieee and don't show your nerves. things always workout. if you're not appreciated there, there are a lot more companies that will appreciate your loyalty.
  • I hope you showed them your brown fingers. You can tell them that you will pick them up by the ass like a bowling ball if they fire you.
  • Act like you have a gun in your pocket in that meeting by keeping your hand in your pocket the entire time in the pistol pointing position. HA! Just kidding. . Okay... just "fall" on your way to the meeting. Workman's Comp pays better than Unemployment Insurance. Or so I've heard. Good luck!
  • " Any Company " could let a person go. For any reason for instant if you were told by your boss to fire someone would you do it or would you like to pack up your own desk. Think about it. Dont shake you were looking for a job before youu got this one.
  • what happened - what did you do?
  • No job is worth crying over. Sure you may not have the guts to quit but then if you're sacked then someone else 'did the quitting' for you. It ain't a shame to lose a job. It's just a pain when you can't find another one. What do you like doing for fun? Can you make a job out of it? Can you create a job for yourself? Sorry I can't be more comforting or helpful. Good luck but if it all hits the fan then just start looking for another income. Sure it may be another job, but is there any other way to get an income?
  • Prepare for the worst and hope for the best...If they fire you, ask for a letter of reference. It will help you get another job or help with your severance package. If they are firing without cause, expect to get 1 month of paid leave for each month you worked at the company. Do not accept any package until you've had it reviewed by your lawyer, alternately your lawyer should be able to tell you what kind of package you should be looking for at a minimum, so you will know how much to accept ahead of time. Do not be pressured to sign anything other than you are accepting a document, not the contents thereof. Also, you should check what the minimum payout is in your area by local labour laws.
  • Something wonderful will come of this. You will see.

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