• It's more likely you'll die before the end of the don't worry too much....:)
  • They say it gonna end in December 2012,but know but God know when the world gonna end.
  • If too many people think that it will happen on 12/12/12, they might will it to happen then.
  • I'm pretty sure by the time the earth ends, we'll find another planet thats livable, and move everything there
  • I believe it could be any time according to the Bible. The Bible also says, no man knows the day or hour.
  • There is no time limit. Our World is born when we are born and ends with us, when we leave.
  • i don't think humanity will still be here when the world ends. the planet will always be here, even if we get struck by something out of space like a meteorite or something. it will also still be here when 200 nukes go off. it wont be a habitable planet any more, but it will still be here.
  • 2-26-2017 A lifetime...
  • Christianity and other monotheistic religions program people to believe the world will end, which in turn attempts to manifests this into reality. These programs are used to keep people spiritually deprived and the power in the hands of those at the top. Learn the TRUTH: www (dot) joyofsatan (dot) org
  • Simple. When the sun starts to expand so rapidly that it gets to hot and starts tearing up earth's atmosphere and baking us like potatoes.
  • The end of the world will happen millions of years from now so you will most likely be dead.
  • its killing me too. :D
  • Well, first you have to wait for Trump to declare America a dictatorship, and then he gets shot and Pence takes over and proves to be worse (I know, how could it be possible.). And then the war starts. And just when you think this is all how it happens an asteroid comes out of nowhere, and just misses us! Yea! But then another one is right behind it, and smashes the planet to bits. And that's what you're waiting for. It'll be about ten minutes.
    • beaker95
      I'm cancelling this month's mortgage payment right now....
  • Close your eyes and...............gone
  • It is already, slowly.... We are the ones causing it

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