• They're dangerous and not to be recommended. The best way to lose weight is through proper eating and exercise, nothing else.
  • The result you get is only temporary unless you can alter your gene, however the most logical approach is to eat in moderation , exercise regularly and be happy always and your body will look fine all the time.
  • Don't do pills, change your diet, that will actually have a LASTING effect, the pills will cause you to yo-yo and you'll gain it all back and then some. If you will start eating lean proteins(chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef) and good carbs (fruit, whole grain breads, brown rice) you will see major results. Look into the 'Body for Life' program, I'm on it and I've lost 40 lbs. Now, when you are losing weight and you get to a stand still, give yourself a cheat day, load up on what ever you want... cake, hamburgers, whatever, and your body will relax and allow you to start losing again. You've freaked out your body by losing the the weight and it has slowed your metabolism, a cheat day will fix that. ...That's also a part of 'Body for Life' but on that program you get to cheat ONCE A WEEK! It's awesome! Good luck!
  • I used SlimAlli Maximum weight loss pills and lost 93 lbs. (not the ones in store sold as Alli). I bought on internet.Those are miracle pills for me. I still use in moderation to maintain my weight.
  • Sounds like you are close to goal so no doctor would prescribe meridia or xenical. Others who have given advice are right I think - it is down to you to exercise and count cals consumed .. pls don't buy dodgy diet pills off the internet as it is dangerous. Good luck! I bet you look fab ... 10lbs over goal is hardly anything.
  • I have a sensible homegrown plan, if interested, let me know.
  • Yeah, go on a juice fast for about 5 days. You will lose pounds of fecal matter and burn fat.
  • Don't eat till your sick, than eat, than don't eat till your sick again, than eat. keep repeating that and you'll knock off the pounds fast. lol its not healthy but you will get there. -Brad

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