• ya good point. i think people are blowing it way out of proportion. if you chose to see it as a sin (which i don't) then you shuld see it as anyother sin. if they made as big a deal out of lying and were always at the politicians throat about it i would't have such a big problem about them speaking out to correct this so called "sin". but i don't think they shold be able to pick and chose what they spek out against!!!! for me i see it as to each their own. life is there to enjoy so enjoy it with the people you want to be with.
  • because they are homophobic
  • sounds like a good idea to me. Good question and good point!
  • Some people have been taught hatred and bigotry against LGBT people at a young age, and very well. Fortunately most people become educated and leave such prejudice behind. As you note, others do not. The thing that surprises me the most is when such a person preaches hatred and bigotry, and then has the gall to call themselves a "christian," when "hypocrite" is the word that truly applies.
  • Because, many religious people are (arguably) easily led, have a central leader, and will follow any cause said leader persues. Beyond that, the majority of them lack a leader that thinks rationally about their religion, like you.
  • Religion should be personal. People should see your are spiritual by your actions but not by advertising them. This is what puts me off w/ so-called Religious folk. Mind your own business. Do right by God but don't shove your beliefs down the throat of others. I try to do the right thing, take care of my family, be a good friend, be generous of spirit and to those less fortunate and don't judge others.
  • true Christians don't behave in such a hateful, homophobic manner. those who use religion to justify bigotry are not true Christians. they are bigots who hate in the name of God. they need to mind their own business and go back to church (or perhaps, go to a different church?) and learn what "real" Christianity is and acceptance.
  • because organised religion is so very very hypocritical finds it easier to attack gays/lesbians than to fix there own problems with the internal bigotry that goes on with in the confines of the church
  • Well, quite simply senators and representatives are not voting yes or no on weather or not lies can get married. They feel as if they can do something about it. At some point in every persons life they will lie, many people will never be homosexual even if they have thoughts of homosexuality. If homosexuality becomes all around A-OK then there are going to be people telling children that what mom and dad say is wrong and that mom and dad hate people for the way that they are, were born and for who they love. Many people believe that homosexuality is disgusting, unnatural, promotes promiscuious sex, drug use and the spread of STD's. They do not want to see it. Christian Marrige is a sacrament, thats why the title of marrige is a big deal to some Christians as sacraments are viewed as holy. You are correct in saying that all sins are equal (from a christian perspective) but have you ever considered that living in an unrepentant sin (such as a homosexual lifestyle) for a christian is hypocritical. This puts Christian parents in a dilemma, there children may HAVE to go to public school where they are going to be told that this is OK for them to do. Children spend more time in school than at home, who do you think is going to have the bigger infulence on the child. Christ paid for all sins on the cross, the christian cannot stop themselves from sinning since they know that they are born sinfull, but they can be repentant. They also have a voice, and a right to an opinion, they might even care about the eternal value of the soul of the homosexual persons. No matter where you go nobody will tell you that it is OK to lie, there are plenty of places where they will tell you that it is OK to be homosexual and those are only a few of the reasons why religious people concern themselves so much with gays?
  • Growing up in a rabidly fundamentalist home, I can say that in my experience I was raised feeling subhuman since I knew at a young age that I was different. I'm still not over the trauma in middle age. Why some religions spend so much energy on it is beyond me. I simply don't understand the fixation.
  • because mostly they are homophobic, and cannot stand something different. Apparently in the bible it says that homosexuality is a sin, and blah blah blah, and we all know how zealots react to what they think as sin.
  • This is a very good question. People should be more focused on fixing themselves more than going out of their way to fix what they find wrong in others.
  • To be fair there are two kinds of Christians; Fundamentalists and Thinking. Lets separate these two groups. Fundamentalists believe that the Bible is the indisputable infallible word of God. The catch phrase "The Bible says it I believe it that settles it" pretty much sums up their brand of faith. The problem is that they tend to only read certain parts of the Bible when they read it at all. They let their pastors and denomination do their thinking for them. They are unthinking sheep being lead down the slaughter shute by Judas goats. Thinking Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God but also realise the dopey humans wrote the thing and stuff has changed in 3500 years. They also have a personal relationship with God which implies some individuality and skinned knees. That's ok we have a God who puts up with our individuality and heals our skinned knees! (you may have noticed i'm a little biased) Have you ever noticed that Fundamentalists don't treat gay people as sinners? If they did they would be much nicer to us because they would want us to join their Church. They treat us as heretics. This is because our existence challenges their faith. After all if being gay is determined at birth than God either made a mistake or he made a whole group of people just to send them to hell. Therefore it has to be a choice. as we all know choice is sin and leads to chaos.
  • I think it works both ways. I believe gays concern themselves with religious people more then lying children do as well. Squaky wheel gets the grease.
  • Do we? I certainly don't, and neither do any of the Christians I've known throughout my life. I'll respond if asked, but otherwise my attitude is live and let live. We all have our sinful bents, and it's silly to claim one sin is worse than any other. I find it interesting that we are accused so often when the ONLY activists I've heard of were pointed out by the major media and people responding to them. I really haven't trusted the Media in years.
  • Sin is sin in God's eyes. There is no difference. The peoblem is the people who think they know what God wants. Look at the crudades. There is a campaign on missing the point. People are idiots. God displays love, God is love. His love falls on the just and unjust alike. I am sorry if you have been offended by people claiming to be of God. Love should show no favor. It should be for all, gay or straight, liar or truthful, cheater or faithful.
  • I don't believe all of us as Christians concern ourselves alot with gays....but the gay thing is being shoved down our throats. We are told to accept it!! We are told that our children will be taught that there is nothing wrong with that lifestyle....because we don't we are bashed with how we are so judgemental. Look at Miss California....she gave an answer to a question asked and then they all started to dig for dirt on her! GOD forbid US to give our honest opinion!! I have an issue with gays when they flaunt there desires on the the tv screens....on the streets on "gay day".....when they make it very obvious that they would like to have my husband or that of my friend's. When they call me a whore at a party because they hate who I am and the fact that I have a husband they want. Yes this all happened 2 weekends ago at a party I went to....will I go again to any party where this scum-bag is at again? NO!!!!! This is not the first time that a gay person has come on to my husband.....but I guess we are suppose to think it's okay for them to show there desire for other's spouses and we are suppose to bite our tongue....or we'll be concerning ourselves too much with them.....

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